Tuesday, September 30, 2008

tomatoes WIP continues

Tomatoes WIP, coloured pencil on Pastelbord
Copyright Teresa Mallen

Here is how it looks now. Sorry the photo isn't straight on. The Pastelbord surface seems to be a bit different somehow on this panel. There seems to be less of a surface coating. My pencils scratch over some spots in an annoying way and there isn't much tooth for layers. Wax built up quickly on the tomato on the left. I haven't experienced this with Pastelbord before. Other areas of the board seem fine. Maybe something happened during the manufacturing process. Anyway, I'm enjoying working on it. I hope to get back to it later today. I'm just finishing my October newsletter.


hbedrosian said...

If I didn't read your post, I would think that you were breezing right through this piece - it's coming out beautifully! I really like the reflections and shadows.

As for the Pastelbord, I have experienced similar irregularities, but I haven't attempted such smooth objects as tomatoes, so I guess I am more apt to just go with the flow. I sometimes avoid wax buildup by using different colored pencil brands (not Prismacolor).

Jeanette said...

That's gorgeous Teresa. I love the colours and shapes in your tomatoes.

I'm currently trying my own on colourfix paper and enjoying the process. I'm sure there are sometimes glitches in production of supports and perhaps that is what's happened on this piece. I hope it doesn't spoil your piece.

Valerie Jones said...

These are looking so nice that I want to reach out and touch them! I can't tell that you had any trouble with the paper. Me, on the other hand, had a horrible time with the paper on my last piece. We live and learn....

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Holly, thanks for stopping by to visit my blog and thank you for your lovely comments.

Wax build up has been a bit of a nusiance in this piece but it is probably more about me trying to use Pastelbord like I use Stonehenge :-) I do like the way wax pencils layer versus other brands so I guess I just have to put up with the downside. I do find though that the Prismacolor Lightfast line has nice oranges, yellows and reds which is great for this piece.

I like your word 'irregularities', it describes the occasional dry, scratchy patchs well. As I move towards the right side of the piece this seems to be disappearing. I didn't run into any in the background so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

How wonderful that you got to Hawaii in September. It must have been constant feast for the eyes.

Thanks Jeanette. I can't wait to see your Colorfix piece. I am glad to hear you are enjoying working on it.

Valerie, your comment made me laugh. Not because you had a horrible time with your last piece but because I could relate. Oh dear, we do live and learn don't we?! If people could only see us struggling with out various supports...

Teresa Mallen said...

The last line should read, "with our various supports"...we really would be struggling if we were trying to work "with out" supports. :-)

I am not sure if there is a way to edit a comment once it has been posted and I don't wish to take the time to investigate. (I need an on-site web techie!)