Thursday, June 4, 2015

back at it...

spring, in my garden
My last post back in February was telling you about upcoming classes. Well hey, after 10 years of teaching coloured pencil classes and workshops of all sorts - for example beginner drawing, coloured pencil portraits, cps and mixed media and of course coloured pencil basics and the Beyond the Basics course, I have finally had a male student!

Isn't it odd that no man has registered before??? Over the years, I have met lots of male artists and some of them are professional coloured pencil artists.

I have chatted with lots of keen fellows during my studio tours. There are men in the coloured pencil organizations around the world...and yet my classes always filled with ladies.

Mick (the first TMS male student!) actually came for some one on one cp instruction as he is creating portraits in graphite and he now wants to explore adding colour.

Was it any different teaching a male? Of course not, people are people. I have taught various ethnicities and ages of women and none of it matters. Still, I had come to expect that only women would sign up, after all of these years. :-)

Spring has raced past. I am sitting here sorting pictures off of our camera into various flower files.

Now the early summer blossoms are wowing us. My poppies are open and I need to snap some pics of my irises before they are spent.

I have been busy getting my massive vegetable garden planted. This is done and now I can get back to my drafting table - where I shall be for the wonderful summer months ahead.

I hope you have had a wonderful spring!!!!