Thursday, September 18, 2008

Stargazer Lily - it's done

Stargazer Lily, approx. 6" x 6"
coloured pencil on Stonehenge
copyright Teresa Mallen

I am finished with this little flower blossom. At least for now. I may tweak it before it is framed. I have several wannabe paintings waiting in the wings but the next one will be a basket of tomatoes on a sanded surface.

I didn't get any studio time yesterday as I had to be out of town. My sister and I spent the day in the village that is located about 1 1/2 miles from where my Dad lived. We managed to get through appointments with the funeral director, lawyer, bank manager, two insurance companies as well as the post office to redirect his mail. Fortunately due to the excellent planning of my Mother, my parents' affairs were very organized and well thought out. Settling the estate is turning out to be relatively easy. As for the property, we are not selling the farm, at least not for now. My husband and I moved to a hobby farm some months ago and we are going to be moving several pieces of machinery here (including two tractors and a four wheeler). I have no idea where we are storing all of this! We hope to get this 'big move' done next week. As well, we are going to be traveling to the farm on Sunday to pick up a few trailer loads of furniture and other things. It is going to be a busy Fall!

I am now off to do some shopping for some items needed for my workshop this Saturday and I am also going to put out some advertising for my November Portrait classes. Maybe I will get some time at my drafting table tomorrow...


Valerie Jones said...

It's a beauty! Good luck on your "big move".

Anonymous said...

I love Stargazer Lillies, and your picture is a super rendition of one....Hope all goes well for you at this busy time.

Teresa Mallen said...

Valerie and Vic,
Thanks so much for your wonderful comments and I appreciate you visiting my blog.