Monday, June 16, 2014

in the garden...

Theses days if I am not in the studio, you will find me in the garden. If I want to eat beans like in the picture above (last year's harvest), not to mention my other veggies, then I need to log in some hours, especially in early summer when everything needs to get planted.

You have heard about my 100 tomato plants, seen the pictures, read the green tomato salsa recipe a couple of times over the years, LOL so I won't go there. Just saying I am busy these days!

This morning I was putting down mulch amongst my rows of corn and zucchini and peas. I had a visitor who seemed quite curious about what I was doing. She watched me for a long time. 

We see her just about every day. Sometimes there are two of them. Fortunately my garden has a very good fence around it or I would be planting a deer salad bar. The deer usually eat things in my flower beds. They love daylilies but I have lots of daylilies so I can live with that.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

deer mostly keep to the farmers fields around here, too many dogs in the area :p thankfully the red deers stay up in the hills because I really wouldn't want to come across one, they are huge o.0

Teresa Mallen said...

After seeing her in the morning I later watched her eat some tree leaves while I ate my lunch. She was in the forest behind our house. Aaah, so precious...then I drove out later in the day and saw how she had eaten a large portion of a hosta in my front flower bed. Hum. Not daylilies and suddenly not quite so precious. :-)