Friday, June 6, 2014

funky, little Fall landscape

a funky little Fall landscape, 6" x 2", coloured pencil on sanded pastel paper, copyright Teresa Mallen

It has been awhile...I am excited to be back posting work and this time I am sticking around. Even blew the dust off of my FB page and well, let's just say that is a big deal cause I have always been rather allergic to all things FB. :-)
So was I sitting on a beach reading novels all winter? Umm, no. (couldn't bear to be parted from my goats). I was working on my biz behind the scenes.
To start with, I took part in a three month biz development program so I could learn how to take Teresa Mallen Studio in the new directions I have always dreamed of - offering courses and workshops on-line! As well, I have been reading countless marketing books and participating in on-line biz webinars etc. (my new addiction apparently). 
Things are coming together slowly, but surely, and the time has come to get visible again. I have been here, drawing when I got the chance and I have a few things to show you over the coming weeks. AND of course there will be shout outs of all new developments. 
I am committed to not letting the dust gather anymore. It feels good.


Ann said...

Yay! I'm so happy to see you back to posting! And I look forward to hearing about your new developments and seeing more of your wonderful art work :-)

Teresa Mallen said...

Aaahhh Ann, you are the best! Thank you so much. I am very glad to be back in the harness...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yay! your back :D

I wouldn't have been able to leave the goats either, great critters to have around :)

Teresa Mallen said...

Thank you Jennifer Rose, like Ann, you are the best. I really do appreciate you stopping by, reading, commenting, the whole works. :-)