Wednesday, June 11, 2014

art and memories

shaggy forest study, 8.5 x 4 inches, cps on sanded pastel paper, copyright Teresa Mallen

I really like how memories can be triggered by a song, or the smell of a certain dish cooking or even art. This little study triggers a specific time and mood memory for me.
The time was early last December and my mood was playful and indulgent. I had just worked my fanny off preparing for a Studio Tour, held the last week of November. I had spent a week moving studio furniture, putting all sorts of stuff away, got my display grid walls up, my art that was for sale unpacked and hung, Paypal buttons set for all of the items so that I could accept credit card payment easily, etc. etc.
Following this week of preparation, plus two days of smiling until my mouth was sore and talking about and demonstrating cp techniques until my brain felt scrambled - well I was cooked.
I remember the effort it took to put my studio back into a working studio setup, versus a gallery. Art was packed up, grid walls stored away, the floors mopped...
And then I found myself wandering around the studio, feeling lost, unable to even think of working on something 'real'.
I decided to play. I got a small section of olive coloured pastel paper (the sanded, toothy stuff). I grabbed my pencils and I quickly started creating a shaggy forest. :-)
Alright, so I don't name my work for sale in quite such goofy terms but seriously the shrubs in this quick bit of fluff makes me think of a shaggy animal's coat, like a long haired yak, you know the gorgeous beast that people get fiber from for spinning?!!?
So plain and simple, this was a joyous, recovery piece. Nothing serious, no lengthy time considering perspective and composition or, or, or anything. Just lots of fun stroking down lines of colour.
Every time I come across this little study, I quickly get hit with the memories of that week following the Tour weekend and how I really needed to mess about and do something freeing and fun. No expectations, it didn't have to be 'good' or worthy of framing or something someone would buy. I get a warm, positive feeling when I look at it. Maybe I should leave it out so I can remember to connect with the shaggy side of me. :-)
What art memories do you have? 


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

hmm art memories....I remember getting yelled at by the person who was trying to teach me to paint with oils when he found out I was using my hands instead of a brush :p

When ever I would see a drawing of a cougar I was reminded of the first CPbook I ever read (the cougar is back in canada

Teresa Mallen said...

Sheesh, what is it with terrible art teachers? Over the years I have been teaching, I have heard horror story after horror story from my students.

And yes, I have been publically scolded(thankfully not yelled at)for doing my own thing with the watercolour piece I was working on. Pretty much the only time I captured the instructor's attention and it seems that was a good thing.

I am so glad the experience didn't stop you from art making. You go girl! :-)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I think a lot of the teachers become power hungry lol and like the sound of their voice. I notice it is more common with teachers that are stuck in time it seems. use really outdated methods and their art knowledge is way outdated