Friday, June 13, 2014

brand confusion?

 Blue Flag Iris 5 3/4" x 8 3/4"
 coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper
copyright Teresa Mallen

A confused customer never buys...a nugget of wisdom from the biz development program I was involved in this past winter. I probably have some confused customers! hum...

Why do I say this? Well, I have been guilty of not posting to my biz Facebook page. I would post, drop off, six months later post again, then oops, life intervened and I dropped off again. Of course this has happened here too, but I know that many of you have been reading this blog for years so you have had a chance to get to know both me and my work.

I realize that my facebook page has displayed only one side of me as an artist. I have posted a lot of funky cp work, all done on sanded pastel paper. This is work that I enjoy doing and it sells well (yeah) but it isn't all that I do nor is it what I have done the most of.

So today, I posted the Iris above. I changed my cover image too. Why? Well first off, I am in the beginning stages of developing a following on my biz FB page and I want my new peeps to get a better idea of what sort of artist I am.

Secondly, I shall be teaching again this Fall and I want FB viewers to see that I can do realism, I enjoy it AND I am definitely qualified to teach it. I do realize that not every coloured pencil artist wanna-be wants to learn how to do funky landscapes or imagination based pieces.

So, time to add clarity and clear any confusion...

I will be giving the details of the courses next week, here on my blog if you are interested. Have a great weekend!

Oh and if you haven't visited, you can click here to visit my FB page. :-)


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

this has reminded that I really have to actually finish my facebook page lol

Teresa Mallen said...

LOL, I thought I was the last person on earth to start using FB!?! And then of course I used it sparingly! :-)

I still can't get the gist of the personal page - all that friending and liking and PMing. I get confused. On my to do list for next week - watch some tutorials or some other sort of 'help' stuff. I have procrastinated long enough, sigh.

And don't get me started on Twitter! What the heck is that about? Guess I have more tutorials in my future. :-(

Good luck Jennifer Rose! I say put it off if you don't need FB. LOL