Friday, May 16, 2008

Rose blossom on Pastelbord

Rose Blossom II
Coloured Pencil on Pastelbord
Copyright Teresa Mallen

Here is the finished rose blossom. I enjoyed working on the white Pastelbord but I did find it a bit frustrating at the end as the surface was getting saturated. The board didn't want to take any more pigment and I wasn't done tweaking the piece.

One would think that a toothy surface such as Pastelbord or sanded pastel paper would take a lot of layers but in fact they don't take as many layers as Stonehenge paper. This piece is done for now. I will display it in my studio for a while before making any further adjustments. I shall post more pictures of these small Pastelbord paintings once they are framed.

Next up, waiting on the drafting table, is another small Pastelbord piece. And yes, another flower - a tulip this time. After that I am heading back to paper for a much larger work. I am looking forward to that!

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