Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May Newsletter Is Ready!

The May newsletter is ready to read, just click here. If you are new to my blog, let me tell you about the newsletter...

I am now publishing a newsletter on to my website. My goal is to inform and inspire other coloured pencil artists. Newsletter Group Members get to participate by asking questions, requesting feedback on a work etc.

Newsletter Group Members also receive an email in their inbox as soon as a newsletter has been posted. To become a member of the Newsletter Group, just contact me. The newsletters are free so why not check them out?

About the photo...we had a bear visit our backyard last Friday night. Here is a picture of two of our mauled bird feeder posts...there were others. While bears do wander around here, especially in the spring as they are quite hungry this time of year, this is the first time we have had one come into our 'compound'. We have a large area in our rear yard that is fenced off with a five foot fence. It keeps our dog on our property and keeps the deer out of one of my gardens. The bear climbed over as there was no other sign of entry. We have been bringing our feeders in at night so we don't create a 'nuisance' bear situation. I love living in a place teeming with wildlife. We are blessed indeed.

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