Friday, May 9, 2008

I'm shocked, I'm stunned, I'M IN !!!

'Jack Pine Kaleidoscope'
coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper
copyright Teresa Mallen

Well YIPPEE, I just found out that 'Jack Pine Kaleidoscope' has been juried into the Colored Pencil Society of America's International Exhibition!!!!!

As the title says, I am shocked and stunned. If you haven't heard of this show, I must tell you that this isn't just any old show...this is an exhibition with literally hundreds and hundreds of entries, from coloured pencil artists around the world and only 125 paintings were chosen this year. Mine was one of them - how incredible is that?!

I am so delighted, words cannot convey it. I am familiar with the names and the work of many of the other artists juried in and I am in awe of their talent and abilities. These folks are the best of the best in coloured pencil. They set the standard for excellence in coloured pencil work around the world and to see my name among them leaves me dumbfounded indeed. I keep going back to the CPSA website to check to see if there has been some mistake and to see if my name has been removed.

So now I have to get this piece framed in acrylic (as glass cannot be shipped) and I have to get it packed, insured and shipped off to Seattle Washington where it will be on exhibition from July 2nd to Sept. 29th. Wow. Of course I have moved beyond being concerned about this mundane stuff and I am now pondering things like "Goodness, I will need a new bathing suit as the one I have is ancient and I wouldn't want to be seen by the hotel pool in it." Did I lose you? The CPSA is hosting a coloured pencil convention in Seattle during the exhibition and guess who is scheming to attend?

Okay, so I fly across North America to view my own painting (that I shipped at some expense) on a different wall. How goofy is that...but I will also meet a whole mess of grand c. p. poo-bahs. I know that all these grand poo-bahs are really nice folks, so that would make make the trip most worthwhile. This is a once in a life-time opportunity (I may never get juried in again) so now my brain is clicking along, considering the possibility of attending. We have air mile points so now I just have to find a black market for my kidney so I can afford the hotel fee! Okay, just kidding...anyone want to register for my June classes, how about buying a few hundred kits, a painting or two???

Congrats to all the other artists that were accepted...see you in Seattle...maybe...


Jeanette said...

Congratulations!!! I'm so excited for you!! That is an honour indeed, and confirms what we all know - that your work is fabulous!

I'll be waiting to hear about your adventures in Seattle. :)

Laura said...

Congratulations and well deserved - I too am excited for you:-D I was just looking at the CPSA website last night funnily enough and at past entries - it never ceases to amaze me what can be done with coloured pencils.

Enjoy your trip to Seattle (as if I needed to say that:-D)

Teresa Mallen said...

Thank you very much Jeanette.Your kind words are most appreciated! So my work is "fabulous"...hummmm...what is that I feel, I believe my head is starting to swell...I may just have to start thinking of myself as a grand poo-bah 'in training'. :-)

Laura, thanks for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment. Of course I quickly clicked over to see your work. Wow! Your work is fantastic! I love the 'fresh' quality of your animal portraits. There is a quality of lightness to your work that energizes your animals. They have such an essence of life. Absolutely wonderful.

Thanks again to both of you for visiting my blog and for leaving such kind notes.

Paulette said...

Congratulations Theresa. It is a beautiful piece!