Sunday, April 13, 2008

Wine glass on black, WIP

Here is a second picture of the 'wine glass on black'. I didn't realize until I took this picture, that I hadn't yet applied any colour to the top of the wine glass. Good to step back from your work once in a while! :-) I am enjoying drawing the white abstract shapes that are from the crystal pattern of the wine glass.


Jeanette said...

This is really coming to life now Teresa.

I enjoy working on black paper,but some kinds seem to be a challenge and the colour magically disappears into the paper it seems.

I'm sure this will be a popular kit, its such a classic.

Teresa Mallen said...

Thanks Jeanette, You raise an interesting point - that not all black papers are the same to work on. Yikes, I think I shall stay with the ones I am familiar with.

Have you tried putting down a lighter colour first (under the colour that disappears)? Maybe this will help. It seems to defeat the purpose...I mean we choose black for the impact it will bring and then we go and colour it a light colour so it will behave like a white sheet of paper :-) I have had success with this method so what the heck, I'll colour it white if I have to!