Sunday, April 27, 2008

Spring has definitely arrived!

These days I don't have to go far to add beauty to my life - I just wander around the yard! This afternoon I grabbed the camera and spent half an hour taking pictures of the wildflowers in the woods and flowers in the garden. I couldn't help but post a few...

I also added some further beauty to my afternoon by attending an art show. The exhibition was most inspiring. Works were done in various media. I was quite impressed with how some artists were working in watercolour in non-traditional ways, with striking results. Only one artist had done a few coloured pencil pieces. One very talented artist stood out for me, she worked in pen and ink with watercolour. Her confident use of line was impressive as well as her mastery of watercolour. Unfortunately she doesn't have a website or a blog so I can't share her work with you. When visiting exhibitions like this, I always return rejuvenated and motivated. I have so many ideas for paintings, I feel like I could burst. All in all a grand day!

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