Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pinecones and Needles Work in Progress

This is a work that has been in progress for a long time - years in fact! I started this piece about four years ago. I wanted to complete an additional piece for a show. I loved the photo that I had taken of the pinecones so I chose it as the next project. At least the beginning went well. I did the pinecones first. No problem. Then I started the needles. Yikes! I soon realized that this piece was not something that could possibly be finished in time to get framed and drawing all the interwoven needles also ran the risk of driving me insane. I shelved it and moved on. From time to time I would pull it out and think "you know I should really sit down and finish this". Fast forward to last November when I participated in a studio tour. I wanted to work on a piece during the tour as I like to demonstrate coloured pencil to people who have never seen it. I had just finished a piece and I had no work in progress to take. Guess what came out of the cupboard...while I was too busy and distracted to really work on the piece during the tour days, I did get reinterested in it. So this winter it made its way back to the drafting table. I need to tweak it here and there but it is darn close to being finished. Yippee. The motto of this tale, never throw a piece out - even if you think you have ruined it, are bored with it or just don't know how to finish it. You may be surprised by what you can do later on.

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