Thursday, March 13, 2008

Coloured Pencil Sculpture

Just have to share this...check out Jennifer Maestre's incredible, unique pencil sculptures, Stunning and so intriguing! I love the nail sculptures too. Read the 'about the sculptures' page. Inspired by a sea urchin indeed! Isn't creativity just the neatest thing? Kind of makes me want to start snapping off some of my pencil tips to give this a try. Guess I had better restrain myself unless I can get my hands on a large supply of coloured pencils meant for children. Think about how we mourn the breaking of a lead and this woman happily cuts pencils up into small pieces...

On the studio front, I have finished tweaking the pine cone piece and I am starting to begin a new one. I am deciding which photo reference I will be working from so things are still in the very early stages. More on it as the work progresses.

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