Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pastel Paper Orchids

Well, here it is...The picture is a bit dark.

My thoughts after working on this piece: first of all, working on coloured paper sure speeds things up a lot. Second, pastel paper is faster as it won't accept many layers of pigment. I liked the fact that you could erase pigment with an eraser. I also liked the fact that you could layer a light layer over a dark layer. For example if I happened to get something too dark I could just go over it with a lighter pencil and the dark bit would be covered.

I don't like the sheen that is on the surface. You can only see this in person and you have to be very close to the art but still...

I love detail and working with this paper frustrated me at times. The gritty surface just doesn't allow fine lines.

I tried the technique of using a stiff bristle brush on areas of applied pigment. I wasn't keen on the technique or the results. I think I will leave this to Linda Hardy and others who do this really well!!
( About halfway through this piece I started to care less about the final outcome and only finished it to gain the experience. There are things that need to be fixed but this is as far as I am going with it. It is definitely not my best work but I did enjoy getting outside of my usual way of working box.

I have used Ampersand Pastelbord and loved working on that surface so I will order some of this from an on-line supplier. It isn't available here in Ottawa. I enjoyed working on the coloured surface so I will work on one again, just not on this brand of paper. On to the next piece...


Cindy said...

This is lovely Teresa! I worked on the pastel paper (here it's called Colorfix). I appreciated reading your findings.

One thing I didn't like about it is that the artwork needs really good lighting, or else it looks rather dark.

I love the Ampersand pastel board and probably will not go back to the Colorfix for colored pencil work. Maybe for pastels or pastel pencils.

Teresa Mallen said...

Thanks Cindy,

This paper was Colorfix as well. I have tried Wallis and other brands with about the same results. Oh well...

You raise a great point with regards to lighting. Detail and subtleties in colour can be lost in a dark painting if it is displayed in a poorly lit area of the home.

I will be ordering some Ampersand Pastelbord this week and I look forward to working with it again.

I am enjoying watching your WIP, the 'Agave' painting. Your use of colour is very striking!