Monday, March 3, 2008

My New Studio!

My husband I moved last fall (2007) and I now have a new studio location. I am a very fortunate gal! I am well aware that my studio space is what many artists dream of. There are six windows that bring in lots of natural light, not to mention wonderful vistas of the forest and gardens surrounding my home. I must also mention the tons of floor space I have (700 square feet) as well as the oodles of storage space. Spoiled indeed. The previous owners of this home were the builders. The wife of the couple was and still is an artist and this space was created for her use.

The pictures only show part of the studio. You can't see the storage closets or the couch (might as well be comfortable while looking through all those reference photos).

Anyway, I now have a wonderful space to work in and to also teach in. My apologies to the students who attended classes in my former home. Being huddled around the conference table in my husband's office (in the basement!) just doesn't compare. Oh well, now you have an additional incentive to return for more classes and/or workshops!


Cindy said...

Teresa, Very nice blog...your artwork is lovely, but I'm absolutely green with envy over your studio!

Blogs are a wonderful way to get to know someone, aren't they?

I will be back often

Teresa Mallen said...

Thank you Cindy. Yes my new studio does seem to get the 'green' reaction! I did pay my dues for such decadence, at least in part anyway. When we bought the house the wood floor (all 700 sq.ft of it) was painted a very, very dark brown colour. The trim on the walls and ceiling were also in this very, very (I would add more verys but you get the idea) dark brown colour. I think the previous owner was going for a fake Tudor sort of effect. Anyway, I wanted a studio that was bright and filled with the sense of light so I rolled up my sleeves and went to work. That dark brown was unfortuately oil based paint. I had to endure the smell of gallons of oil based primer. I have yet to do the inside of the closets but that will have to wait until it is warmer and I can open windows. Considering that artists work in everything from converted chicken sheds etc., I guess I cannot complain about a required paint job!
Do visit back often!

Jeanette said...

Sigh. Yes, green is the word alright... its just fabulous. Lucky you!

My studio keeps getting moved all over the house, but hopefully I'll have a bigger space soon.