Friday, January 30, 2015

running with wolves and creating art

Have you ever read Women Who Run with the Wolves, by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes?

It was first published back in 1992 and your local library will have a copy. I loved it and I still pull out my copy every now and again.

Clarissa writes about the myths and stories of the wild woman archetype. Her analysis of these stories, from different cultures, is aimed at getting women to honour their creative selves.

My old and yellowed paperback edition is filled with notes, much underlining and stars on important bits. Back then I really needed her message.

Do you have trouble giving yourself permission to just flat out go for it and honour your artsy needs? I suggest you have a look at this book.

Anyway, if you are familiar with Women Who Run with the Wolves, you will know what I mean when I say that the time has come for me to bare my fangs and to do some running with the wolves.

I am donning my artist hat for a while and my mentoring hat is getting shelved to gather a bit of dust. I am immersing myself in art creation and I am setting myself free from most things computer related.

This means I am taking a break from writing a weekly newsletter.

I am going to practice what I preach and I am going to start getting snarly about my studio time. Mid-winter seems like a good time to disappear as many of you are on cruises or on other sorts of vacations.

“Wolves lead immensely creative lives. They make dozens of choices every day, decide this way or that, estimate how far, concentrate on their prey, calculate the chances, seize opportunity, react powerfully to accomplish their goals. Their abilities to find the hidden, to coalesce intention, to focus on the desired outcome and to act in their own behalf to gain it, are the exact characteristics required for creative follow-through in humans.” (Pg. 316, Women You Run with the Wolves) Amen Dr. Estes!

During my absence I plan on posting a few fun things on my blog and probably some work in progress updates. Some of this will wind up on my FB biz page but I confess I really like blogs and I am not keen on facebook J. (check out my info on the blog sidebar to sign up to receive updates in your inbox or make a bookmark, saves you having to remember the address)


I haven’t had much artwork to share lately so I am showing an oldie and I think a goodie. I like this one so much that I didn’t wish to sell it. J It is hanging on a wall in our dining room.

copyright Teresa Mallen

The sunflower was done in coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper and is 14 ½ inches wide and 10 inches high. I was captivated by the underside of the plant and that was the ‘story’ I wished to tell.

I hope you have some wonderful art making time planned for the weeks ahead. Why not give Women Who Run with the Wolves a read?

If you hear an eerie, weird human sound at night, it is probably just me, howling with the wolves. My pencils are sharpened and I am ready to join my pack in the woods!

Take care everyone, stay warm and may you run a wee bit on the wild side yourself.

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