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the after image phenomenon

TMS Newsletter Excerpt, Friday January 23rd, 2015

I hope everyone is having a great mid-January. Might be a good time to mention spring J - if you are in the Ottawa area, I have just posted info about my spring classes on my website. Registration is now open. I will give some details after I answer this week’s question. I can’t wait to meet you!

This week I have a really interesting question to answer. Loni from Seattle writes:

“Hi Teresa. I hope this isn’t a dumb question. I took an art class several years ago. It was mainly a drawing class but we did get into some color theory at the end of the course. I was looking through my notes from that class and I came across something the teacher called the “phenomenon of after image”. I can’t make sense of my notes and I am wondering what this phenomenon is and how do I use it in my art or maybe I should I avoid it (not sure if after image is a bad thing). Thanks for any information you have time to share.”

This is a very cool question Loni (certainly not a dumb one J). I haven’t heard of after image in years.

Readers, if I asked you to define ‘after image’, what would your answer be?

If you need a refresher or if you haven’t actually ever heard of ‘after image’ then listen up cause here is the dish...

The phenomenon of ‘after image’ is said to be a demonstration of our brain’s ‘need’ for the complement of a particular colour. This comes from studies of the brain (for example what the left part of the brain controls and the right part of the brain etc.)

I won’t get into science speak about this but here is an example that will let you experience the phenomenon first hand (read the instructions through first).

How to Experience an After Image

·        Take a piece of paper and draw a circle of about an inch or so in diameter. Colour/paint the circle a rich, intense red colour. Next make a tiny back dot in the center of the red circle.

·        Take a second piece of paper. Place a similar black dot in the center of the page.

·        Hold the two sheets side by side. Gaze at the red coloured circle for about a minute.

·        Next, quickly shift your gaze to the dot on the second blank sheet. (This is why you need to read the instructions through first. Stopping to read this after gazing at the circle will ruin the effect.)

·        As you gaze at the black dot on the second blank sheet of paper, you will “see” the complement to red (which is green) emerge on the blank paper - the same shape, the same size as the original red circle.

Try this with any colour. Your brain will produce the exact complement of any hue. This is termed the negative after image.

Apparently if you experiment with two colours, both complementary colours will appear. (I haven’t tried this)

As an odd twist, for some people, the original colour will appear as an after image, but in the negative spaces of the original shapes, which are the uncoloured areas. This is called a positive after image.

So our brains are tricky things, making us see things that aren’t on the page!
 Wonder what else in our lives gets skewed? J

This is a great little project to get up to with kids or grandkids. They love magic and illusion.

Why would our brains, need the complement? I have no idea. I am sure there is some sort of theory on the internet if you are curious enough to look.

Loni also asked how this applied to her art.

I honestly don’t think it does!

Understanding complementary colours and how you can use this knowledge in colour mixing or in creating interesting darker values (say in shadows) is fun to learn and is of value but I don’t concern myself with the after image phenomenon.

If any of you do create art being mindful of this after image phenomenon please write and tell us why. Then tell us how you compensate for this effect.

Personally, I think it is neat to know about how our brains process colour images but I don’t use this particular bit of info in my everyday art making.

Art Newbies:

Maybe you are new to all of this art stuff and you don’t have a clue what a complementary colour is. I am guessing you have heard of something called a colour wheel or a colour circle. Colours are arranged around a wheel based on their relationships with other colours. If you become familiar with how colours are arranged around a colour wheel, then a complementary colour will be easy to determine. It is the colour that is directly opposite any given colour.

Referring back to our example above, the colour across from red on the colour wheel is green. Therefore the complementary colour of red is green. Easy peesy. If you would like to learn more, have a look at the art how-to books in your local library or look up info on the colour wheel on-line.

I hasten to add that you don’t need to know this to get started drawing or colouring!  If you are a newbie, stay within your comfort zone and don’t overload yourself with stuff you think you should know. Keep it fun and simple. There will be a time for all of this stuff when you are ready.

Thanks for the interesting question Loni!

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Impressed line technique, leaf project, CP Basics, copyright Teresa Mallen

We work on lots of other stuff too!

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Finally, if you know of someone that might be interested in these courses, please do them a favour and let them know.

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Have a great week everyone!

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