Tuesday, February 3, 2015

forgotten art and Downton Abbey

small rose, cps on Stonehenge, copyright Teresa Mallen

Hey, a non-newsletter post! :-)

I was looking through some images of my artwork and I came across this small rose. I sold it over a year ago and I rather forgot about it. I liked coming across my photo of it. Rather like seeing an old friend. I don't actually remember working on this one, it must have come together quickly and easily.

I remember the challenging ones!

I mentioned Downton in the title of the post. Here in North America, lots of us are glued to our tellies on Sunday nights, getting our fix of this upstairs/downstairs series. 

If you are a fan of such shows and you love cats, I suggest you check out artist Paula Pertile's new work. Paula is a very talented illustrator and coloured pencil artist and she is currently creating images of kitties 'in service'. 

Here is my personal favourite, the valet...

The Valet / PRINT / Cat Drawing / Downstairs Tabbies / Cat Servant / Cat Illustration
Art created by Paula Pertile, copyright Paula Pertile, used with permission

To see more wonderful working cats, visit Paula' ArCATecture site, as well as her Etsy shop. To see Paula's non kitty art, check out her website: www.paulapertile.com.

Here in Ottawa, it has been nasty cold for days. The goats and chickens don't like this weather and slippers are a must in the studio. The floor is cold because my studio is over top of an unheated garage. Hope everyone reading this is staying warm!


Beth S Macre said...

Hi Teresa! Can you believe I have not watched a single episode of Downton Abby? I think when I have time, I need to do some binge watching to catch up!

I love Paula's cat characters too!
Looking forward to seeing what you are working on.

Paula Pertile said...

Thank you Teresa!
and Hi Beth! Thank you too!

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Beth, I believe you. I normally don't watch TV but when it comes to Masterpiece classics, I'm in!

And Ms. Paula, you are so welcome. Keep those awesome kitties coming.