Wednesday, July 23, 2014

supernovas and leading edges

day lily, coloured pencil on Stonehenge, copyright Teresa Mallen

Lovely lilies are opening all over the place, yellow ones, deep burgundy ones and of course orange ones - as in the Day Lily above. Lilies are super low maintenance as well as pretty, which is fabulous.
I have several books on the go right now and one is by Danielle Laporte called the Fire Starter Sessions. Session 1 has us declaring our super-powers - as in "competency is for suckers". :-)
Danielle asks:
  • "Would you rather be sufficient or masterful?"
  • "Would you rather be bright or a freaking supernova?
  • "Would you rather be well-rounded or on your own leading edge?"
Well gee, I'll go with masterful, hum, a leading edge sounds kind of scary (makes me think of a ledge not an edge and I have a fear of falling) and I would have settled for bright cause that sounds rather perky and shiny but wait...
I can choose to be a freaking supernova?
Well sign me up for that! That sounds super juicy (and a bit blinding and explosive!)
Now what sort of art does a supernova create? :-)
How about you, are you well rounded, bright and sufficient or are you the super-power options?


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

rather be well rounded, sufficient just sounds mediocre, and supernovas can burn out. so i will stick with well rounded :)

Teresa Mallen said...

Sufficient does sound pretty average and mediocre... :-)