Wednesday, July 30, 2014

poppy project

poppy project, approx. 5" x 7", coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper
copyright Teresa Mallen

Here is a photo of my finished poppy. (The background looks uneven in this compressed version of the photo. In reality the background has been left as the white of the paper.)
 In a few weeks, this poppy will be available on-line for anyone and everyone to download. The project will include a line drawing you can trace onto your own paper and there will be palette suggestions as well as directions on how to colour your own version of this flower.
 This project will be a terrific way for coloured pencil newbies to try the medium, to get colouring right away and to get immediate results.
For someone already experienced in using coloured pencils, this will be something fun to work on in between your own drawings.

peony and poppy, both coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper, copyright Teresa Mallen

I placed the poppy next to my latest peony petal piece and snapped a pic. I know some people are skeptical about the range of values you can get with cps. I chose to use much darker values in the poppy and yet I didn't have to burnish. All sorts of things are possible with coloured pencils!
Once the project is ready for downloading, I will be letting you know here, on Facebook and in my I am pretty sure you won't miss the announcement. :-) I can't wait to see what everyone creates...send me some pics please!

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love the vibrant reds!! :D