Thursday, July 3, 2014

gorgeous moth and new work

This gorgeous moth was sitting on the ground last evening, just outside of our barn door. Fortunately it stayed there long enough for me to go and get the camera.
A thunderstorm had just gone through our area and there was a big fat rainbow in the sky. Both were such unexpected gifts of beauty...

This flower is my current work in progress. I am creating a step-by-step, how-to project that will be made available to the public in a few weeks. This free download will be my way of thanking everyone that has chosen to be part of the TMS journey.

At this point in the drawing, I am simply road mapping with two colours, establishing values and finding my way around the shapes of the petals. I know it looks rather purple at this stage, but eventually it will be an orange poppy or perhaps orangy-red.

This morning the moth was gone, there were no rainbows - just a fox coming across the lawn looking for a meal. The chickens quickly took cover under a tree near the goats. I was actually in the goat yard on the other side of the tree. When I heard the chickens squawking their 'alarm' call I went running. The goats were dashing about (they know what that chicken sound means) and by the time I saw the fox, it had already sized up the situation and turned around. The goats, just by being goats, have scared off more than one fox over the past few years. Still, I went after the fox to deter it from returning. It went running off down the road. Soon crows up in the field were voicing their own alarm.

I shall be keeping watch from my studio windows today...


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ooh very pretty moth :D

I know donkeys are used as guard animals in alberta to help protect livestock, would one maybe work there if the goats stop working?

Teresa Mallen said...

We have considered a donkey but he would only be able to protect the fenced in area where he stayed. The chickens free range.

A hungry fox isn't deterred by much. Fortunately this particular fox wasn't hungry enough to risk his hide near the larger animals.

Of course providing shelter and winter hay for a donkey is another issue. Our barn is small and we wouldn't have enough room. Lots of folks keep donkeys outside all year round but because they are a herd animal I wouldn't like to do that.

I shall have to remember to leave the radio on in the barn nice and loud in the day time. The doors are left open so the sound should help a bit.