Thursday, June 6, 2013

tree advice wanted

autumn marsh study, 4" x 5", coloured pencil on colourfix paper
copyright Teresa Mallen

I love pastel landscapes...yet oddly enough I have never explored doing landscapes of my own, in cps of course, until recently. Here is a little something I did this winter. I can see things I will tweak someday but my main goal was to get in and out quickly, to suggest movement and to delight in the autumn colours. As a lover of detail, getting in and out quickly takes getting used to but I have really started to like the process.

old apple tree in our backyard

As the title of the post states, I am looking for some tree advice. If you have a fruit tree variety that you simply love, please let me know. Our small farm has some old apple trees on it and a terrific chestnut tree. Since moving here, we have planted a small apple orchard as well as pear and plum trees. Ah, but there is room for more! :-)

I was at a garden center a couple of days ago and I was delighted to see that they have a very good selection of fruit trees. I was quickly overwhelmed by all of the lovely choices. I would like to plant more fruit trees but I would like to get some help on this. I am looking for something that bears fruit that is truly good to eat. So if you have a favourite cherry or pear tree variety or whatever, that you would like to recommend, please leave a comment. If you don't wish to leave a comment here, you can email me at: teresa at teresamallenstudio dot com (of course exchange at and dot for symbols and leave out the spaces). Thanks!

We received cold weather just after the apple blossoms opened. I am hoping there were a few days that were warm enough for the bees to do their pollinating business. If they did, this year will be a great year for the apple harvest.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

wish i knew more about fruit trees. We had a bunch of apple and pear trees on the farm i use to live on, no idea what type tho and there were probably original to the house :p dont have the space here to plane a tree, would take up the whole garden :p

i find landscapes in cp difficult, not sure why tho. very nice job getting all those autumn colours :)

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jennifer Rose, thanks for taking the time to write...leaving comments seems to have gone the way of the dodo. :-)

I was put off for years by the thought of drawing all of that detail in a landscape. So why not just leave it out?! hehe...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yeah people dont leave as many comment as they use to, but are still reading
i think that lack of comments on a lot of blogs comes from the hard to read captchas, they are sometimes really hard to figure out