Monday, June 24, 2013

latest work in progress and inspired by food

This is what is on my drafting table right now. You can see the very small finished study above the larger piece. I never work this way normally. Usually I decide how big I want a piece to be and then I just dive in and do it. My latest phase in exploration and my adventures in landscapes have brought a desire to work very small and quickly. I ended up liking this little funky landscape so I decided to see if I would like working it up larger.

So far it is looking pretty rough but hey, this is the warts and all phase of the piece! You can see that I am working on coloured paper. It is a sanded surface paper, intended primaily for pastel work. I love using my cps on it. I may leave this one for a while as I have something else I wish to get started on...

Artists find inspiration everywhere. And I mean everywhere - even in our lunch! The other day I was eating a small wedge of leftover quiche and I suddenly became aware of the lovely patterns and colours on the surface.

I grabbed a camera to take a few reference photos before I gobbled it up...okay so maybe it doesn't look much here on my blog and perhaps this is a case of 'you had to be there'. But I see lucious curves and folds and valleys in the cheese and spinach not to mention lovely reds and oranges and yellows and plums.

Inspiration for a lovely abstract in future perhaps????? So what beautiful thing did you eat for lunch  today? :-)


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

inspiration can hit anytime, always try to have something to take photos with just in case i see something that sparks an idea

i am not a quiche fan, too much egg:p

lots of colour in that new work :)

Paula Pertile said...

Love the work in progress (and green tape).
And really love the quiche idea! You know me and food. I've thought about doing pizza more than once. I'd love to see what you do with this!

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jennifer Rose, yes that inspiration business always means that I have the ongoing camera project - downloading oodles of photos and then sorting them into files...not so inspiring.

Paula, you haven't done pizza?! What are you waiting for??? I suddenly want pizza for dinner tonight. Thanks.