Thursday, March 11, 2010

psychedelic blue blood...

Blue Blooded wip, cps on Colourfix paper, 19" x 17"
copyright Teresa Mallen

Here is my newest piece, obviously in an early work-in-progress phase. I am working in coloured pencil (of course) and I am once again using Colourfix sanded pastel paper - this time in a blue colour. So far I have transferred a loose drawing onto the paper and right now I am pretty much drawing this as I go.

During my residency month, I spent some time revisiting my inspiration file and the photos I have filed on my computer for 'some day'. Some of you might remember my Swiss Chard Mosaic piece from last year, or as I like to think of it: my funky chunk of chard.

Swiss Chard Mosaic, Copyright Teresa Mallen

Well, I still have the photos from the Swiss Chard photo shoot and the one below caught my attention. (You might notice that this chard has a white stem. I took photos of both Rhubarb chard and this white stalked variety on the same day. Of course it was the Rhubarb variety that I used for my inspiration in the piece above.)

When I zoomed in on the photo, I noticed the image below. Immediately I 'saw' veins and blue blood! Woo-hoo, fresh inspiration for new work.

Right now my work in progress looks a bit more like 'Into the Blue Forest We Go' rather than 'Blue Blooded'! I also find it reminiscent of the psychedelic graphics of the 1960s. :-) I promise there has been no taking of LSD in the studio!

I eagerly wait to see what happens next. I am happy to work with a new palette of colours and I am also enjoying working on curves versus the linear quality of the cellophane piece. I find part of keeping things fresh in the studio is to work on something substantially different, in various ways, from piece to piece.

I probably won't get back to the blue blood until next week. Tomorrow I am off to buy pencils and then groceries. Following that, I shall start some serious cooking. My husband and I are hosting a pre-St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday night for 20 of our neighbours. We moved to this part of rural Ottawa two years ago and since then we have been very warmly welcomed. We are surrounded by eclectic folks - lots of horse lovers, retired but very busy couples and younger couples, all of us loving the rural lifestyle. So I shall be cooking up huge helpings of Irish Stew and buscuits, lots of decadent desserts (a white and dark chocolate cheesecake that is so rich you feel like you might just pass out) and of course there will be lots of Guinness to wash it down with while the Irish tunes play on the stereo. Spring has arrived early this year, there is much news to catch up on, a neighbour has come through a successful cancer surgery and another neighbour is moving after the death of her partner. We have much to celebrate and it shall also be a bit of a farewell party. Life is good! Have a great weekend everyone.


Jeanette said...

The feathery veining in this is wonderful. Yes, the blues are definitely there, this piece should be another great one.

I've growing some rainbow chard this year as I can never find any that is fresh enough in the supermarket here and I would love to paint it.

The party sounds like fun. Irish stew and friends, what could be better?

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love the chard drawing and can't wait to see blue blood develop! Have fun at your party!

AutumnLeaves said...

This will be beautiful, Teresa! I love the blue paper and can't wait to see this piece finished! Your St. Patty's day party sounds like it is going to be fabulous! Wish I lived in the area!

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jeanette, I have my rainbow chard seeds ready for soil! :-) I look forward to seeing what you paint! Yes, Irish stew and friends - indeed what could be better?

Thanks Elizabeth - I am really looking forward to the party. The house smells like yummy stew and the desserts are ready. Tomorrow, I just need to warm up and serve.

Hi AL, thanks for your vote of confidence regarding the art! I have been playing lively Irish music while I cook, I have unearthed my Irish hat and today I bought a very stylish feather boa in the colours of the Irish flag. I guess I am a bit of a party girl underneath my loner artist persona! :-) Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Ann said...

Your cellophane piece is amazing and I will enjoy following this one too. I do really like the organic shapes in this composition. Oh, and I'll be over for cheese cake - save a piece for me :-)

Marthann's Musings said...

Love your very unusual work. How talented you are. I am beginning to love colored pencil. New to the blog world, started mine about 3 months ago. Jump over and give me some feedback some day.
Keep on doing what you do so well

Liz P said...

Teresa, when I clicked back after your nice comment on my blog, I was excited to see that you are the "Swiss Chard Mosaic" artist! I loved that piece when I saw it on the CPSA site. (I also grow chard in my garden, and my seeds are waiting, too!)
Can't wait to see how the blue blooded one turns out!

Anonymous said...

thank for share, it is very important . ̄︿ ̄

Teresa Mallen said...

Ann, the cheesecake was yummy! If you ever visit Ottawa, let me know and I shall make one for you. :-)

Marthann M., well gosh, thanks! Welcome to the blog world and yes there is much to love about cps. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Liz, goodness gracious, you remembered my chard from the CPSA site? How wonderful is that?! Thanks so much for your comment. It is always great to meet another lover of chard in the garden. Last summer I stopped into a garden center to purchase some chard seeds. The person ringing through my sale, shared with me that Rainbow chard was so beautiful that I might want to plant it in the flower garden. I told her that I knew chard was beautiful, that I was in fact an artist who had recently completed a 'chard' work of art and that this piece was currently hanging in an exhibition in Atlanta! The look on her face was as they say, priceless. I think she was wondering if she should get my autograph or something! LOL

And to my other visitor, as for my sharing, you are welcome!

Leslie Hawes said...

Love Blue Blooded! You do the most amazing work!

Teresa Mallen said...

Thank you Leslie!

Spencer Stott ~ Fine Art said...

i just found your bog. as a fellow artist i really enjoyed seeing all your work. this one struck me as quite amazing. i wish could see it bigger, in person even. i just love prismacolor colored pencil! i think thats what you use right? anyway, very nice!