Wednesday, March 17, 2010

coloured pencil presentation, art conference

Happy St. Pat's Day!

Here are some art events that you should make note of if you are within driving distance of Ottawa. First up is a coloured pencil presentation that I shall be giving on Tuesday March 23, 2010. My presentation is part of a regular series of presentations put on by the Nepean Fine Art League. The event takes place at 7:00 p.m. at the Nepean Visual Arts Centre located at the Nepean Sportsplex. You do not have to be a member of the Nepean Fine Art League, nor is there any admission fee. Please note that if you visit their link provided above, they have the date as 2009 not 2010 - ignore, they have been advised but it would seem that change is difficult. :-)

My presentation shall involve all sorts of things to do with working with cps. There will be a discussion on pencils, different papers and other supports plus a discussion of coloured pencil tips, tricks and techniques. If you are free and in the area, do join us. Please introduce yourself. I would love to meet you!

Next, I want to make you aware of an information packed, one day art conference that will be taking place in west Ottawa (Carp) on Saturday June 12th (9:00 - 4:30). The Cocktail of Art Mini-Conference is being presented by the West Carleton Arts Society. There is a long list of guest presenters and a range of topics that will please all artists. Here is a sampling: explore the world of e-commerce and on-line selling (think Etsy), enjoy demos given by a rep. from Golden Artist Acrylic Colours, learn about how to earn passive income from your website (think Google ads), delve into the business of art - things like handling commissions, grant opportunities, art exhibits, marketing, etc. and finally unleash your creative potential guided by Canada's first accredited facilitator of The Artist's Way.

The cost of the mini-conference is just $40.00 and lunch is included! For all of the details and registration info. click here. Space at the conference is limited so to avoid disappointment, do register early. I look forward to seeing you there. Again, please introduce yourself so we can chat!

This is definitely a St. Patrick's Day for the record books - it is tee-shirt and shorts weather here in Ottawa (which is way above our normal temp.). I had to get outside so I left my work on the drafting table and I headed out to the patio furniture. I am sitting outside, surrounded by birds at my feeders, my dog is snoozing in the sun, red squirrels are scolding me and I am enjoying a glass of red wine (which my hubby and I made by the way and it is actually very good). Oh and if anyone is wondering, the St. Pat's Party was fabulous. I can't believe how wonderful our neighbours are. And now a day like today - life is very, very good. :-)


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AutumnLeaves said...

I think I want to be you, Teresa! Life sounds very good indeed - and you are so talented! Too bad your conferences aren't in Ottawa - Illinois! I'm real close to that Ottawa! LOL That is a gorgeous basket of shamrocks. Looks to me like it requires a painting! (hint hint)

Teresa Mallen said...

S and B, thanks for taking the time to read a presentation and conference announcement post! :-)

A.L. you can be me, well your own unique version, which is what the world needs anyway - next time the weather is wonderful, just grab your own decadent beverage of the moment, dash outside and sit a spell. I say grab those moments of bliss! :-) Having a lap top and taking work outdoors helps remove any guilt. I managed to do some much needed email and picture file sorting.

As for talent - thank you. Please keep in mind that I am possibly just further along in my cp art making journey. I started out creating not so good cp art just like most beginners. It is amazing how steep the learning curve is. For example I used to be intimidated by the photography skills I thought I would need in order to take my own reference photos. I used to be uncertain of my composition choices and my first efforts on sanded paper had me questioning if I really knew how to use cps after all. The key is bull dog determination. Hang in there long enough and things work out.

Humm, Illinois isn't really within driving distance. Why not check out your local arts groups, there might be workshops in your area. If not, put a bug in their ear to start some! :-)