Monday, March 29, 2010

Motivation Monday

Are you scared by your artwork? Humm, maybe you should be!

I hope you will be inspired and motivated by the following quotes from artist Sharon Knettell:

"I think life is so freaking short, I don't care if anybody doesn't like my art. When you get older, you lose your fear of the audience, the critics. You have to go to the point where your ideas scare and challenge you. 'I can't do that' - well why not? There are so many images you dismiss because you think you can't do it or it won't work. You just have to say, 'What the hell!' and leap."

I couldn't agree more with Sharon. Why not get committed to losing your fear of the viewer of your art and instead get scared by your challenging ideas? I promise you that when you stretch yourself to reach for what you think isn't possible, you will experience new levels of energy, aliveness and motivation. You might just scare yourself right into your next masterpiece!

(Sharon's quote is from the March 2010 issue of the Artist's Magazine.)


Pencil Sanity said...

HI Teresa, I think this is so true. Just go for it and have fun doing.

Lynda Schumacher said...

Hey Teresa! Great post, and so true. The piece I recently completed fell into the category of 'I can't do it, and I'm scared to try". I try to follow a simple rule: if I'm afraid of it, then it probably means I need to do it!

Anonymous said...

Super post Teresa, and very true... I think as artists we all have to challenge our fears and stretch ourselves creatively.

AutumnLeaves said...

Gosh Teresa. Wise words indeed.

Laure Ferlita said...

Thanks for a timely reminder!

Jan said...

How true! It took me years and years to learn that "it's only paper" and what I do with it is up to me!

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Maria. Yes, just go for it!!

How cool is this Lynda, I follow the same rule! :-) As a result, I have found that my life just keeps getting more adventurous and exciting!

Hi Vic, preaching to the choir here aren't I? LOL So glad you agree.

Hi A.L., I personally like Sharon's notion that as you get older you lose your fear of the audience. Always good to be reminded that positive things do come with this getting older business! :-)

You are welcome Laure!

Oh Jan, how true, 'it is only paper'! There is such freedom in that awareness!!

CountryDreaming said...

A couple of alternative viewpoints over on my end. Several years ago I worked on an image in Photoshop that in fact turned out just fine ... only trouble is, the most apt title that springs to mind for it would be "Armageddon." It's based off of an innocent photo I took in a relative's neighborhood on a wild weather day. Since many who view my photography tell me they find it peaceful ... "Armageddon" simply would clash with the style of my normal body of work. So yes, that particular image is one I'm a bit scared of showing to people, despite that to my mind it came out well enough technically when it comes to things like color and composition.

Another thing personally I've done is, while working on a particular image in Photoshop, I reach a point where no matter what I do at the time I'm not happy and to keep going would only lead to tired frustration. So I put it aside, sensing the need to come back with fresh eyes when I've progressed a bit further as an artist. Sometimes when I come back, even years later, I surprise myself with a "Eureka moment" as I realize I'm now capable of working with the image to my satisfaction and can immediately see what I need to do or how I should experiment just by glancing at it.

Carlynne said...

I totally agree with Sharon!!! This is a realization I've been coming to in the last couple of years, most strongly this past year having experienced major illness. Go for what makes your heart sing!