Monday, February 23, 2009

Motivation Monday

So far we have looked at what motivation is and you have been busy defining what it is you want and why. Next I had you identify some of the things that block your motivation. The ouch post. :-) I ended last week's post acknowledging that while it is hard to face the truth about ourselves, it is also painful when we stay stuck.

This week I want you to focus on what you would gain if you were to say yes to your dreams and passions.

What does it feel like when you pursue your dream? Think back to times during which you pursued activities related to your passion. Perhaps you visited a special art exhibit at a gallery, perhaps you attended a workshop or maybe you spent some hours sketching or painting. How did this make you feel? (I suggest you write your thoughts down.) Did you feel energized, excited and more alive than you normally do? Did your life suddenly have a rightness about it, like what you were doing satisfied something deep inside of you? Were you left overflowing with creative ideas and enthusiasm for future projects? Really try to get in touch with the pleasure and joy that you experienced.

To really get a good sense of this, why not plan to spend some time this week pursuing your passion? Maybe you can't get to a workshop or a gallery but at least set aside a few hours to soak in your bliss - play with your art supplies, read some art magazines, go through your photo references and pick out something for your next piece, set up a still life and do a sketch, go to the library and get a few books out, grab a cup of your favourite beverage and read the books.

Think about this experience. How did it make you feel? Did you feel positive, alive, interested, hope filled, full of ideas and creative energy? Did you get so into your activity that you lost track of time?

Now I want you to compare this to how it feels when you live your life when you don't make time for your favourite activities. What does it feel like to not acknowledge your deepest dream? Again, write your feelings down. In comparison, do you feel less energetic, less alive and less hopeful? Maybe you feel bored, discouraged, apathetic, tired or drained. Are you starting to get a sense of what you lose when you allow other things to oppose your motivation? As we saw last week, we do get something from the things that block our actions towards our dreams. But at what price? This is the pain involved in staying stuck. Be honest with yourself and ask yourself if the status quo is worth losing out on a life filled with intensity, joy, hope, contentment, enthusiasm, happiness and energy. My goal here is to get you to realize that a life that doesn't include our deepest desires isn't such a great life after all.

I ask you, isn't it time you said yes to living the life of your dreams?

Have a great week. Feel free to write a comment. What dream chasing things are you going to do this week? Next Monday, we will start looking for ways to keep inspired.


Anita said...

Bless you Teresa for this post - I really needed this.

Beth said...

Love this post! It is so true!

Christine said...

Hi Teresa, you are doing an awesome job of keeping us thinking and moving toward our goals and dreams! So, that is why I am passing on an award to you. You'll find it at my blog. ;- )

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Anita, I am blessed! I am blessed in knowing that someone is actually being encouraged and helped by these posts. Thank you.

Thank you Beth.

And thank you for your kind words Christine! An award...humm...I'll be right over... :-)

Jeanette said...

I am at the point in life where I know what my dreams are and how they make me feel - the fulfilment and pleasure they provide.

My challenge is where to go next. Do I increase my time to produce and market? Do I dump my day job and risk everything?

I see both sides of the coin. Do I risk the safe harbour and set out across the sea? Or do I simply take little day trips out onto the ocean. That's my question.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jeanette, interesting comment...I have some thoughts on your challenge. These thoughts would probably make for a very long comment so I shall drop out of here and send you an email. Sorry to leave out any interested readers but have you noticed, I tend to talk a bit? :-)

Valerie Jones said...

AMEN! Take that leap of faith and see where it takes you!