Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Coloured Pencil 'Leaves' WIP # 2

'Leaves' WIP, 22" x 16"
Coloured Pencil on Colourfix Paper
Copyright Teresa Mallen

Here is how it looks now. The green leaves are again showing blue in the photo, so please use your imagination. Definitely a work in progress! :-)

I was contacted by someone wondering if there was going to be a February newsletter. Yes there is one. I actually got it uploaded on February 1st! (I don't usually have it ready quite so early in the month). So if you missed it do check it out. In the latest issue I feature Heather Page and her wonderful art. To read it, click here. Please note that you can also get to my cp newsletters via the link on the sidebar of this blog. The March issue should be ready by the end of next week.

Okay, now back to the leaves...


Jeanette said...

The detail is great on these leaves. The colour and values are building slowly. Its going to be another winner I think.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jeanette, yes the colour and values are building slowly. A bit like watching grass grow. :-) Thanks for stopping by!

Teresa said...

Looking good, Teresa! I see you're a "leaf expert"!!!

Enjoyed the Feb. newsletter... some good info and links. Thanks a bunch for taking time to get that together.

Teresa Mallen said...

Well, I wouldn't say I'm a leaf expert but I am having fun. The shape is from nature but the veins and the colours are from my imagination.

I am very glad that you enjoyed the newsletter. Do feel free to submit some art for show and tell. :-)