Thursday, October 15, 2009

peas in a pod wip and food fantasies

peas in a pod, work in progress, 6 1/2" x 20 1/2", coloured pencils on Stonehenge
copyright Teresa Mallen

Here is how the peas are looking now - of course the paper is white not blue. I am thinking of calling this one Brocade Peas. I abstracted the wrinkles on the top of the pod and now the design reminds me of brocade fabric! Keep in mind that I jump all over the place when I work so if the peas don't look done, well they aren't, if the top doesn't look done, it isn't, you get the idea. When it is finished I shall post a larger file image so you can see it better.

So what do you think about when you draw or paint? I ponder all sort of things when I am colouring with my pencils. One topic that has been on my mind lately is green tomato salsa. :-) I know, this makes the third post in which I have mentioned it. Perhaps I need Green Tomato Salsa Anonymous.

I am hooked on this stuff. So far I have enjoyed it with tortillla chips (I like the bakes ones), with rice and I also used it to add spice to a lunch time wrap. I am now daydreaming of adding it to omelettes for a fiery Mexican style brunch, or to homemade soup to add some zing. Did I mention that I made another batch this morning while I waited for my coffee to brew? Oh and when I am not thinking of recipes, I am planning my 2010 vegetable garden. Where will I plant the tomatoes next year? How many more plants should I save space for? How early can I harvest green tomatoes? Good grief, I have just finished this year's gardening season! Is isn't just me that needs help of some sort. My husband is so wowed he suggested I bottle it and sell it. Humm, Teresa Mallen Studio expanding to include salsa for sale. Diversification is good, right? Maybe it is a good thing that this morning's salsa cook-up used all of the green tomatoes that I had left. (I could ask my neighbours but we have had several hard frosts so that isn't really an option.) Anyone willing to do an intervention?

Ah, but before you feel too smug, just what exactly do you think about while you are working? Come on now, fess up...


Laure Ferlita said...

Diversification is key in these crazy economic times! Go for it!

I tend to think on nothing and everything when "arting" - from visiting with dead people to what I'm making for dinner, to where I want to go on vacation, to where did I put that curling iron to why did I just use that color……you get the idea!

Teresa said...

Hmmm... never tried green tomato salsa... you're really getting my curiosity up now!

What do I think about when I'm making art? I'm really not sure. I'm about to get started painting, so I'll come back later and let you know!

P.S. Peas looking good.... very good!

Lynda Schumacher said...

Teresa, it just so happens that part of my work for many years was to do interventions, so you are in luck.....and I'm willing to travel! hahahaha. By your description tho I suspect that I would get hooked on the stuff too, thereby rendering my services useless......

Never have I seen more lovely peas! My mental processes cover a lot of ground when I'm drawing.. I have gotten into the bad habit some days of over-worrying about things -- not the best catalyst -- so am consciously working on shedding that acquired tendency!

Valerie Jones said...

I'm loving the peas! I can see them as an entry into the CPSA 2010 Exhibit.

The green tomato salsa sounds yummy! My husband was wondering when he can pick all of his green tomatoes. I'm sure he'd like some made into salsa. Your husband wants you to market it....sounds like a wonderful idea. My husband wants to market pickles.

I haven't really thought about what I think about while drawing. I'm usually intently drawing and making sure everything is just "perfect" that all other thoughts usually escape me.

Have a beautiful day!

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Laure, still wondering about that curling iron? Where on earth could you have stashed it? I most certainly get the idea, I have the same sort of random thoughts.

I look forward to hearing what you discover Teresa.

Oh no Lynda, a professional...humm...maybe I don't want an intervention after all!?! An affection for salsa isn't too bad is it? :-) Joking aside, heck that sounds like intense and demanding work!

Now listen girlfriend, no worrying allowed. Worrying just robs you of your emotional resources and doesn't change a think about what you are worrying about. So conserve your energy for doing what you can do about stuff and let the rest drop. And yup, I know you know, so just let this be a wee bit of encouragement as you make the changes in thinking that you already are. You go girl!

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Valerie, thanks for your kind thoughts on the peas!

Marketing pickles...nothing like entrepreneurs for husbands. :-)

If you are keen to try the salsa recipe, I gave the link in the previous post. I converted the recipe from pounds to cups for the ingredients required. I also have cooked up a double batch and it tastes great too. As a tip, I just put the ingredients through my food processor at the start so I didn't have to use a hand blender later. I also put in all the ingredients as I went. I didn't see the purpose in adding the spices at the end. I think you can pick green tomatoes at any time - if they are green that is good!

Carlynne said...

The peas look good. The salsa's making me hungry. What do I think about..... I guess I'm not really thinking at all. I'm getting into whatever music is playing and letting the work talk to me. So, I'm listening to the painting. Maybe that's just what happens when you do abstract work - hearing voices from the canvas.... hmmmm....does that mean there's therapy in my future?

Pencil Sanity said...

Love those peas. Nice work.
When I draw I find myself thinking of the strokes I make on the paper. The color pencil I should use next to give the work more depth, more feeling, changing the lines of the outline to suit me more, etc. I think that is what makes my art therapy for me. I am able to tune out feeling of pain.

Teresa Mallen said...

Thanks for stopping by Carlynne! Keep listening to those voices, your work is absolutely wonderful.

Hi Maria, I think art really is therapy for us all in some way. I am so glad it helps you.

I slip in and out of 'working' mode. One moment I am deciding what pigment to add next, then a goofy thought flits through my mind, then I am thinking a painting thought, and on it goes.

Jennifer Rose said...

if i liked salsa i would try that, it looks good. :) you could draw the art for the labels if you did sell it :D

hmm i am usually thinking of what colour to use next or what to make for dinner :p