Friday, October 16, 2009

autumn cp newsletter and time to run with the wolves

Well woo-hoo a new issue of my newsletter is now ready to read. If you are new to my blog and you are a coloured pencil enthusiast, do check it out. There are all sorts of interesting things in each issue from featured artists, to tips, Q & As, websites and blogs to visit, etc.

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This is a view of our meadow and some wonderful fall foliage. You can click on the picture for a larger view. If I had seen the property in the fall, I would have bought the place on the spot, even before seeing the studio! :-)

Yes, it is time to run with the wolves and I am oh so excited. This reference will make more sense if you have read Clarissa Pinkola Estes' book, Women Who Run With the Wolves (if you are in a creative slump, I highly recommend it). Okay, when my German Shepherd and I are out wandering the woods each day we usually aren't running but given that my big fellow spends his days on the furry edge between feral and domesticated, I think this is more applicable than not.

I said in my newsletter that I would write about my decision to not teach any classes in 2010. Well, here it is, this she-wolf has her fur up, she is baring her fangs and she is standing her ground and defending her territory. I have compromised long enough and 2010 is going to be all about my art. I am reclaiming my studio as a creative space instead of a teaching space and all hell may just break loose!

If you have been reading my blog for a while you will know that the past two years have been tumultuous. We found the home and land we had dreamed of so we bought and sold houses and moved. I ramped my teaching schedule up to new heights in my eagerness to make use of my large studio space. Then my Dad became ill. I left Ottawa and became a care giver. Then he died. I returned to Ottawa and hit the ground running determined to meet all the commitments I could. When this was over I tried to slow down. I had an out of town estate to deal with and I needed a break. So I talked about taking a break. I wrote about it. I put it in my newsletters. But in the end I caved. Perhaps it was the fear of slowing down my success. I have spent years building up a reputation, spent money on advertising, I finally have the right facilities, how could I stop teaching now? Part of it was also my desire to help people. I really want to help people in their artistic journey and I enjoy opening up the world of coloured pencil to those who are eager to learn. Maybe it was the economy. When someone from the city of Ottawa calls and wants you to teach classes, how can you say no to the income? In the end, in this year that I was going to slow down and take a break, I taught more classes than I am comfortable admitting to.

Oddly enough, this was a year when I had problems with students. I ended up being led down the garden path by people who said they really wanted me to offer classes and then they changed their minds. I had cancellations. Yes, life happens but I suspect that in some of these cases, they registered rather flippantly, like impulse buying. I started to sense an expectation that folks could just take the course in a few months when I offered it again. This she-wolf doesn't like being taken for granted.

So now I am digging in my toes and I am starting to snarl and growl. I am an artist first and a teacher second. I always said that if the teaching got in the way, then it would have to go. So what does this mean? Well it means that it is time to shake things up around here. It is time for a change. And you know what, now that I have wreaked havoc with the business plan, the adrenaline is starting to pump through my veins. My senses are stirring. My ears hear the sound of breaking glass as I resume stained glass work, my hands can feel the coolness of clay, my nose smells the oil paint and oh the sight of those coloured pencils that are waiting for me!

2010 is going to be a great year. I can feel it down in my bones. Of course I still have my parents' home to deal with and there will be more house painting and renovation projects but the Saturdays will be mine and so will the studio. There is an new glint in my eyes these days and the hint of a wildish grin.

How are things going with you? Maybe we should meet in the woods and howl at the moon. Why not choose to get a bit feral? The wolves and I are waiting...


Anonymous said...

Your post did so make me smile Teresa....howl like a wolf in the woods, I am with you on that one lol. I understand your reasons perfectly sometimes we have to alter our path in life, to get the best out of it...look forward to seeing what you come up with in 2010.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Vic. Glad your smiling! I am too, that wildish grin is rather permanent these days! :-)

I agree, sometimes we need to shed a bit of the old life in order to embrace new possibilities. I feel lighter already.

Lynda Schumacher said...

Sometimes things happen for a reason, as I know YOU already know.......because I can just tell you are the type of gal who knows this! It is an exciting feeling when the air is filled with possiblity.......I too, look forward to seeing what 2010 brings.

Jan said...

How wonderful for you! I would have caved and run howling into the woods long before you did! Congratulations, Girl!

Teresa Mallen said...

Well hey Lynda, 2010, bring it on! And yes, I do know that there is a wonderful purpose for this time of taking my art and business in new directions. I look forward to reading on your blog what 2010 holds for you!

Thank you Jan. Yes, I should have run to the woods months ago, but better late than never!

Pencil Sanity said...

Oh what a great post. Glad that you are able to recognize when your art is being compromised and able to make the needed changes that will free you. 2010 will be amazing for you.

Teresa Mallen said...

Oh Maria, thanks so much for your kind words. Perhaps my walk on the wild side will encourage readers to renew their commitment to their art. I appreciate your comments! :-)

jinx1764 said...

Good for you! Business success is great but not if you're being slowing withered away. Here's to a wonderful 2010!

Paula Pertile said...

ArrOOOOO!! (That was supposed to be a wolf)

Excellent post, I'm with you all the way, I'm sort in the same place with different circumstances, so I will meet you in the woods, yes!

I read that book and loved it!

Jeanette said...

I'll be out in the woods waiting for you. :)

There's nothing so satisfying as taking back control. Not that you gave it up, but it slipped a little under expectations from others and a sense of 'should and must', just as we all have.

So good for you, to get back in control and do what you want and need to do.

I teach as well, but the difference is that I do only workshops, nothing regular and demanding. It suits my schedule well and there is the option of forging ahead with more, or dropping them entirely.

Art and creativity takes time. Take the time you need to make it happen in 2010. And when you need to howl in the woods, give me call. :)

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Heather. Thanks. No withering away for me!

Hey there Paula, I heard your wolf cry all the way up here! Yes, isn't that book terrific?! So we are off to the dark woods -I know how to start a fire and I say we break out into some dancing and singing. Guess we will have to head into the deep woods so we won't have any witnesses! LOL

Another feral lady to party in the woods! Woo-hoo! I figured you would be a howling kind of gal! :-)Thanks for the encouragement Jeanette!!

Christine said...

LOL Teresa....your post is great and inspiring. Good for you to make the changes necessary for you to move ahead. I am so looking forward to see what you will produce in 2010.

Teresa said...

Going feral... sounds like a plan to me! This was a great post, Teresa, and it definitely rang a bell. It's too easy to allow "stuff" to get in the way of art (I'm guilty). Thanks for the reminder. Now, let me see if I can still bare my fangs...... ;-)

Teresa Mallen said...

Thanks Christine! I shall definitely post about my feral adventures.

Hi Teresa - yes bare your fangs and join the howl! :-)