Thursday, June 4, 2009

new coloured pencil rose

center of a rose, wip, coloured pencil on Stonehenge, 18" x 8"
copyright Teresa Mallen

Here is my newest work in progress. You might notice the similarity in size, subject matter and style to my last piece. Woo-hoo, looks like a series is in the making! Usually I am not keen to work on a subject that is so similar to something that I have just finished. As a result, I usually don't work in a series. Of course all artists know that it is a good idea to work in a series (at least once in a while) but I must confess that I am a bit too hedonistic to stick to this good advice. Ah, but perhaps this time...I would just need to complete one more and I would have a small series!

Like the last piece, I am working on a rose - cps on Stonehenge paper. Again, this piece is all about curves and delicately blended colour. As you can see, I have yet to add colour to some petals while other areas have been quite developed. I hop all over as I work, adding a bit of colour here and there. At 18 inches wide, the piece has some lovely drama to it already.

My flower gardens are flourishing. Peonies, poppies and lupines are all displaying their beauty. Here is a lovely lisianthus...

and an allium...

I think it is time to brew up some tea and to sit amongst the flowers for a spell. I want to rewrite some of my press material and sitting in the garden will help make this a more enjoyable task!

So how about you, do you like working in a series?


Jeanette said...

This is beautiful so far Teresa. It looks almost like a watercolour, so delicate.

I've not been a series person, not on purpose til now with my 'journey to the sea' pieces. There is some satisfaction in having a group of paintings with a similar theme. They definitely have impact when grouped together.

I don't have much blooming besides dandelions right now, but there's always hope. This spring has been quite warm for here this year, so I may just have to turn my eye to some flower paintings.

Christine said...

It's looking gorgeous already Teresa. This will be a wonderful series...very impressive!!
How do you develop your color choices for these pieces? The colors you have chosen look harmonious and peacefull. Love it!

Anonymous said...

This is lovely Teresa,beautiful soft glowing colours.

I like to work in a series, but do find it difficult to stick to...there is always something else to do or try and then it gets forgotten. My Celestial Kittys is the most sucessful to date with three done so far, but quite a few to go...she says !

Laure Ferlita said...

I think about working in series - does that count?! Seriously, I do find that they are very helpful. I tend to work smaller when I do a series, but not larger. Why? Not sure. It's what works for me.

Love the beginnings of your rose with all the soft colors at play. Looking forward to the progress.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jeanette, thanks. I like how cps can look soft and delicate and also dark and rich like paint. They are surprisingly versatile. And yes, a series definitely has impact when shown together. I think it helps a viewer 'get' what the artist is trying to say.

Hi Christine. How do I develop my colour choices...humm, a great question...I think I will answer this in a post as my comment here will end up too long. Thank you for your lovely thoughts.

Vic, thanks for stopping by...I am glad to hear that someone else finds a series difficult to stick to despite the best of intentions!

Hi Laure. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on working in a series. Perhaps you work smaller because you know that you will be repeating the subject over and over? Maybe something I should have considered... :-)

Teresa said...

Hi Teresa,

Love the start to your new cp rose! Reminds me of the soft blends of watercolor... which I love. I look forward to watching it progress.

Re: Working in a series... hmmm... well, since portraits are usually of a subject with one nose, two eyes and one mouth... does that count as a series? :-) Actually, I think I feel similar to you in that I love the variety of a new piece... never tried a series but I probably should... I'm sure it would be very beneficial.

Lastly, thank you for your thoughtful and encouraging comments you left on my blog. I appreciated your thoughtful analysis of Blue Girl from a cp standpoint.... and coming from an accomplished cp artist like yourself those comments really mean something! Thank you so much!