Monday, June 22, 2009

coloured pencil rose finished, updates

Rose Center # 2, 18.5" x 8", Coloured Pencil on Stonehenge
Copyright Teresa Mallen

Here is the finished rose, number two in my series of rose center close ups. Due to its foot and a half width it looks quite dramatic when I look at it from a distance. I have it taped to my studio wall so I can see if there are areas I wish to tweak. Whew, number two is done and you know what? For a gal who doesn't like to work in a series, I think I even have a third rose in me. Wouldn't that be something?! My apologies to those of you who are following my blog who do not like floral art. I do other subjects as well. Please hang in there.

Okay, updates: well woo-hoo, I nearly fell off my chair this morning when I checked the status of my Chard's journey. I had had no new info since 3:30 a.m. Friday morning when it had left Syracuse and to be honest I wasn't too hopeful that all was well. Yippee, it has made it to the state of Georgia. Not only that, the scan says that as of 11:00 this morning it was in Doraville. I did a google map check and good ol' Doraville looks like it is about a half hours drive from the gallery! Can you believe it? Surely in the next 48 hours my funky chunk of chard can be transported just a few more miles. Surely...If it doesn't get delivered by Wednesday morning, I shall hire a taxi driver to go pick it up. So close I can taste it...

As for the adorable Miss Bambie, well if the big furry marmot didn't chew some flowers last night! Grrrrr....Not just ordinary lilies but the exotic ones....more grrrrr....I hope they gave her indigestion. We have a motion detector sprayer and while it can't cover the whole garden, I will make sure it is on tonight and in the area of the lilies. No doubt she will just enjoy the shower! :-)

New update: My tracking info is now showing a 3:04 Destination Scan! Destination, as in the gallery?!! Somebody pinch me or fetch some water, I think I have gone into shock. Time for a happy dance!!! Can you dance and be in shock at the same time? Let's see...Woo-hoo, woo-hoo, woo-hoo...


Jennifer Rose said...

well if you dance and are in shock at the same time people might think you are having a seizure ;)

glad it got there! :D

your rose looks great :D I like seeing floral art so no complaints from me if you post more.

Laure Ferlita said...

Very lovely rose center! There must be something in the air about these series as I'm thinking I'm may have a go at one myself!

BIG CONGRATS on the painting making it to its destination and you deserve it as you took the bull by the horns and refused to be a victim of bureaucracy! YAY!!!!!

Kelli said...

Hi Teresa,
I really like your florals, especially the rose.

Carol Creech said...

Hi Teresa - this is terrific! I finally took a long look at it and realized how wide it is. Very cool! You must have had a lot of patience to render that large :) The detail is beautiful.

Thanks for your comment on my raspberry sprig, by the way!

Vic said...

I love Floral art, so keep on doing them, always a pleasure to see and this one is no exception.
Woohhoooo finally your picture has arrived,great news.

Teresa Mallen said...

Jennifer Rose, you made me laugh. If someone had been in my studio and witnessed my happy dance no doubt a seizure diagnosis would have been suggested!

Laure, do have a go at this series business. I would love to see what you create. Bureaucracy's are frustrating indeed but I do appreciate that the humans involved in this bureaucracy acted human and helped me. I am very grateful.

Hi Kelli! Thanks for stopping by and for taking the time to comment.

Thanks Carol. Yes, I am patient when it is about getting the results I want. I have never been patient about setting up to do art or cleaning brushes so cps are great for me that way. :-)

Thanks Vic, yes great news!!

Thanks ladies for giving the thumbs up for floral art. Women after my own heart! :-)

Teresa said...

Your rose is gorgeous! I'll visualizing it on a wall... and with the large size it's bound to be a striking piece.

Congrats on the safe arrival of your Chard! Dance away... and enjoy the moment!

Valerie Jones said...

I'm doing the happy dance with you!! Glad your chard finally made it to Georgia.

The rose is beautiful!

Teresa Mallen said...

Thanks Teresa! When I get these rose pics matted and framed, I shall post some photos so you can get a better idea of the scale. If you saw the picture of me holding the chard in a previous post, this rose is just about the same size.

Thank you Valerie and thanks for joining me in the happy dance!!

I am having a good laugh at myself. I just noticed how I spelled the plural of bureaucracy in a previous comment. Of course I should have typed 'bureaucracies'. Dear me, I even added an apostrophy for good measure. See what happens when you dance around when in shock! :-)

Jan said...

Please continue to post your floral art! You know it's one of my faves and you do it so well.

Congrats on the safe arrival of the Chard painting!

Dance On!