Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Postive news in the arts...

Sterling Silver Functional Sculptural Bowl "Table Jewellery"
28 cm high x 19.5 cm long x 16 cm wide
Artist Myra Tulonen Smith
Bowl copyright of and image property of Myra Tulonen Smith

I recently contacted my friend Myra with a 'lets do lunch' email. Wow, Myra had some news. Look at what she has been up to! And the big news? Myra had been invited to participate in an extraordinary exhibition of metal art. The two works shown are the pieces she created for this special exhibition. Aren't they incredible?

What I find truly wonderful, beyond Myra getting the recognition she so greatly deserves, is that this exhibition flys in the face of current headlines and news reports regarding the economy. In fact the gallery that is holding this exhibition seems to operate on the principal that there are always art collectors willing to buy. Good news for the arts, I say!

So here is the scoop...Jonathon Brancroft-Snell Gallery is the largest contemporary ceramic gallery in Canada and it is located in London, Ontario. This new exhibition, featuring metal art is entitled 'Celebration'. It is a tribute to the legacy of Lois Etherington-Betteridge RCA and is in recognition of her lifetime dedication to the arts as well as in recognition of her 80th birthday.

This incredible exhibition features work by Lois as well as 20 other artists, artists who are are some of the 20th century's most illustrious metal artists. As Jonathon states, "The artists participating in this exhibition represent some of the finest talents in Canada today. Their work is the personification of imagination, innovation and creative excellence. Each has a personal link with Lois."

The exhibition is on now and it runs until November 22nd. If you are a lover of metal or ceramic art do check out the gallery's website for details and start planning your visit.

Sterling Silver Single Malt Cup
6.7cm high x 13 cm long x 9.4 cm wide
Artist Myra Tulonen Smith
Cup copyright of and image property of Myra Tulonen Smith

Here is Myra's description of this exquisite Malt Cup:

"This piece is inspired by the traditional Scottish 'Quaich', which is a multi-handled cup for drinking single malt whiskey. The difference is that my cup does not have handles, rather the handles...influenced in shape by traditional Scottish ram's horn motifs...have become the stand. The stand supports the exquisite simplicity of the cup which draws focus to the singularity of a fine malt scotch. To sip a single malt scotch from a silver cup is in itself a luxurious experience. Pearlescent light reflects from the silver through the golden liquid as the aroma of the scotch envelops the senses. The smooth cool touch of the silver on one's lip enriches anticipation of the fiery warmth promised by the wee dram as it slides along the sensuous curve to be encountered and enjoyed."

Anyone thirsty?! Congratulations Myra on being selected to participate in such a prestigious exhibition. Your work is incredibly beautiful!

But wait, there is more positive news for the arts - Ottawa has a new art gallery! The OWAA Gallery just opened on November 1st and it is located at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex, at 1500 Shea Road in Stittsville. OWAA stands for the Ottawa West Arts Association. I hope to check out this new gallery very soon. I hear the facilities are quite lovely.

So a thriving ceramic gallery hosts an impressive metal art exhibit and there is a new gallery in town. Good news and some more good news!


Jeanette said...

These are beautiful pieces of silversmithing. How lucky you are to have such a talented friend.

Yes, in light of current cuts and closures, its good to see some forward progression in terms of the arts, isn't it?

Valerie Jones said...

Oh my, Myra does beautiful work!!!

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jeanette, it is good to hear some positive news...personally I find it encourages and motivates me.

And Valerie, thanks for stopping by, hey and thanks for becoming a 'follower'! Yes, Myra's work is stunning. I love these two pieces.

Paula Pertile said...

Geez, these are gorgeous!