Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coloured Pencil Portrait, WIP

Well, this is definitely the beginning - work in progress indeed! I am starting a portrait of my niece Melissa. She was kind enough to pose for tons of photos that were the starting point for my portrait course. I am using coloured pencils on white Stonehenge paper. I have two layers down as a start on the background. It is hard to see but I also have a first layer down for the hooded top. The face has just one layer of colour on it. The drawing needs adjusting - the mouth is off on the right side, her right cheek is too full and she doesn't have a chin. Thank goodness you can't see all of that!

With the start of this new project, I took the opportunity to clean off my drafting table. I gave the Borco a good wash. If you have a vinyl cover (Borco is a common brand name) on your drafting table and you have had trouble cleaning it, I would like to suggest the following. Rubbing alcohol works when soap doesn't and nail polish remover works wonders on tape residue. Just apply these products to a small cotton pad (like a make-up remover pad). I make sure to wash the vinyl well after using these products so there is nothing left that can transfer to my paper. Anyway, my drafting table feels and looks fresh and clean. Not bad for a few minutes work.

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