Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tomatoes - finished

Tomatoes, Coloured Pencil on Pastelbord, 8" x 10"
copyright Teresa Mallen

Here is the final image of my tomatoes that has been a work in progress recently. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get an accurate picture although I tried several times. The colours in real life are darker, especially the areas with dark values. Oh well, you get the idea.

Now I just need to think of a name for the piece, spray it and then frame it.

I was up very early this morning to get some work done as I am taking a break later. I am meeting with a friend to go walking and bird watching at Mud Lake. Mud Lake is located on the shores of the Ottawa River, in the west end of the city. I haven't been to this conservation area before and I am looking forward to exploring the forest as well as seeing the birds that gather at this lake. My blog heading says 'add beauty to your life'. This is one of my ways today, what is yours?


hbedrosian said...

How beautiful! I've seen tomatoes done before, but there is something especially elegant about the setup here with the interesting shadows and light and intermingled twine. Very nicely done!
To answer your question, I find beauty and inner peace in playing the piano, but I also often find beauty in something simple like making a stranger smile.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Holly,

Thank you!

How wonderful, playing the piano and making a stranger smile. They add beauty to my life too...okay, my piano playing isn't always so beautiful for the listener! :-)

Jeanette said...

Really lovely colours and play of light in this piece Teresa. I like it a lot! I'm still working on my tomatoes....should be ready in a day or three. :)

Beauty and inner peace for me is watching the movement of the ocean.

Valerie Jones said...

Yummy! Beatiful work, once again.

I find beauty and inner peace by being outside and listening to nature in all its glory.

Teresa Mallen said...

Thanks Jeanette. I am looking forward to seeing your finished heirloom tomatoes!

Thank you Valerie. I too add beauty to my life by spending time in nature.

Paula Pertile said...

These tomatoes are beautiful Teresa! I love the color you used for the background.

Beauty...watching my little hummingbird friends at the feeder, or my kitties doing their thing, or being awed by new blooms on all my roses and other green friends. And last night it was the full moon!

Perpetual Chocoholic said...

really nice! There is a calming effect I get when I look at them.

Teresa Mallen said...

Thank you Paula! And yes birdies, blooms and a full moon...they definitely add beauty to my life too.

Now, Ms. Perpetual Chocoholic, not too hard to figure out what adds beauty to your life! :-)