Friday, October 10, 2008

Getting connected part two - with your help!

In yesterday's post, I was encouraging people to get connected to their local arts community. Rose Welty left a wonderful comment which prompted me to write this post. Rose (her blog is Rose's Art Lines) shares that connecting to an arts community was important to her as it gave her encouragement, advice, technical help and camaraderie. But, Rose's community isn't local, it is on-line. With three young children, Rose finds that the flexibility of the on-line community suits her current needs.

So here is where I need help from the readers. If you have found meaningful community on-line, perhaps at some teaching forum etc. that you would like to recommend to newbies, please leave a comment and provide the web address.

I know of Scribble Talk and WetCanvas. If any readers have feedback on these two, please share. Of course coloured pencil enthusiasts can join my community of Newsletter Group Members! :-) To read a newsletter, click here.

I look forward to reading your suggestions!

For Canadian readers, I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. May you have a wonderful weekend and do take an opportunity to be mindful of everything you have to be grateful for. For those of you in the Ottawa area don't forget about the studio tours this weekend - Perth, Westport, Almonte, the Thousand Islands...goodness, see you out on the backroads! The foliage will be spectacular!!

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