Tuesday, July 1, 2008

CPSA Exhibition, it made it!

Well yippee! Good ol' Jack Pine K. made it to Seattle!

The top picture shows me standing by the newly framed picture. I posed for this shot just in case I never saw the painting again. Okay, I am a bit of a 'what if-er' but I have had mail that didn't get delivered and we all know that luggage can go missing, so what if the courier company managed to lose my painting? To add to my anxiety, there was a narrow window of five days during which all the paintings were to be received by the cartage company. This is the company that is responsible for receiving our art, unpacking it, storing our packing material and then sending it back to us once the exhibition is over. I was worried that my package might get held up at customs for some reason. I was so delighted to receive confirmation that the painting made it safely and on time to it's destination. Of course, it still has to make it's way back here but I can fret about that in a few months! :-)

The lower picture shows the special packaging system that my husband designed and created. He sourced out the materials and he did all the precise measuring and cutting. At least I didn't have to worry about my painting moving around or getting damaged! My husband is truly awesome. I so appreciate his help and his support. He ordered the Plexiglas for me and he also did the framing. His meticulous framing efforts are better than anything that I have had done by a professional framer. I am very blessed to have him in my life - and not just for creating shipping packaging and for framing paintings!!

I am quite excited to think of my painting in Seattle, now hanging on a wall ready for the doors to open. The exhibition space is going to be open 7 days a week and the Coloured Pencil Society of America's Exhibition is running from July 2 (tomorrow!) until Sept. 28th. The Convention Center expects an estimated attendance of over 65,000 visitors in the month of August alone!!! Add on some numbers for July as well as September and wow...a heck of a lot of people will be passing by ol' Jack Pine K. !!! What a thrill!

Anyway, if you happen to be in Seattle this summer or early fall, do check out the exhibition. The show is made up of 125 paintings from around the world, done entirely in coloured pencil. Definitely worth a look!


Deborah Ross said...

I am so happy for you that your piece is in the CPSA show! Please keep on posting your fungi picture- very interesting. I can't wait to see how it looks when its finished.

Jeanette said...

Great stuff Teresa! What a sigh of relief to know its there safe and sound. It would be wonderful to be at the show and see it and others in person.

Are you going to be able to be there?

Teresa Mallen said...

Oh Deborah...it might be awhile before I post any further pictures of the fungi picture...a loooong time...maybe never? I feel like I am flogging a dead horse with this one. It just isn't working for me. I have never abandoned a piece before so this is a new experience for me. I have set things aside and gone back to them. In fact Jack Pine was a piece I started a few years ago and just finished this spring. Details of this saga can be read in my March 6th posting. :-)

Anyway, I believed in the subject matter and I kind of, sort of believed in my photos. This is probably the source of my problem. Normally I always 'believe' in the photo I have chosen - I know that what it has to offer such as the suject angle and the lighting is good even if I tweak the composition etc. If I trust in my reference then I know that it is now up to me to pull it off or not. I either capture what I intended to or I don't.

So why isn't it working? Honestly, I don't think that what I will end up with will be more than a "wow, that looks like a photo" and I want more. I started putting me into the piece by using 'my' palette instead of the colours in life. But instead of looking like a stylized fungi it is looking like a goofy fungi. I know that you can't see much from the internet pic. I am struggling also with the background - too complicated (it worked in the photos) and it is fighting with the fungi rather than adding to the piece. So, I think I had better trust my intuition on this one and set it aside for awhile. When working on a piece I am always eager to get to my drafting table so my flat out avoidance of this piece is my strongest indicator. I think this concept is worthy of exploration down the road but for now I am going to let it percolate in my subconscious for awhile.

Gee an awful long response...thanks for your interest though :-) I promise I won't abandon the next one! Also, thanks for your kind thoughts regarding the CPSA show!!

Hi Jeanette. Thanks for stopping by. I may be able to go and I may not. I have my hotel reservation etc. booked but it all depends on my Father's health. He turns 84 this month and he has been blessed with wonderful health throughout his life. Until this spring that is...he is not well right now. He has been battling pneumonia and there is some concern that there might be other "issues" such as cancer. We are in the testing stage of things. The good news is that he is feeling somewhat better and he is regaining his strength. He even mowed a few acres of lawn today! I am returning to his home tomorrow. If Dad gets worse I will be dropping out of my life here in Ottawa to be his care giver. So...we wait and see. How he will be feeling in three weeks is really up in the air. Deep breath, one day at a time...the arrangements are made and if he is well enough for me to be away for several days then I shall go. If not, then I will just have to get accepted into the CPSA exhibition another year!?! Yikes.