Thursday, June 19, 2008

my coloured pencil painting process

The first photo includes a few sources of inspiration for my current piece. Several years ago, I clipped out the photo of the fungi from a conservation magazine. I have always thought that tree fungus would be a great subject for a painting. This photo stashed away in an ideas file, helped me to remember this. I also collected a couple of fungus bits because I wanted to have them in my studio. Further inspiration.

I recently found some lovely fungi on some logs in our forest. The lower photos are just a couple of pictures that I took one afternoon.
With regards to Karen's question regarding the artistic process, I have now gone from images from a photo, to live fungi in my forest, to a decision on what my subject matter is.

Tomorrow I shall talk about what comes next now that I have decided on my subject.


Valerie Jones said...

I enjoyed reading how you work through the process of a piece and how you find your inspiration. I went to your website and had a blast reading every page. :) I'll be back often!

Thanks for your comments on my blog!!

Teresa Mallen said...

Well hello Valerie, thanks for stopping by! You had a "blast" reading my website? Are you sure you were at my website?!? :-) Thanks for such kind words!! I forgot to mention how I love your swans on black paper...a wonderful idea for working on black paper. You are doing a great job as a seamstress too!