Friday, November 23, 2012

Studio Tour this weekend!

You are invited! If you live within driving distance of my home, I hope you are free this weekend. Once again it is studio tour time here in rural Ottawa west. Several artists shall be opening their studio doors. Visitors can have a peek at where we work, how we work, see work on exhibit as well as work for sale. The tour includes potters, a weaver, photographer, clothing designer, as well as people who work with glass, wood and pewter, people who make jewelry and paper crafts, as well as several fine artists. Something for everyone's interests! For details, please visit

I have some new, fresh off the drafting board mini-studies ready for viewing. I will also have some work from my personal collection on exhibition (i.e. I love these pieces so much they are not for sale) and I shall of course have work available for purchase.

For those of you that are unable to make it, here are some pictures of my studio set up during the last tour. At the moment, the room doesn't look like this yet - my grid walls are not even up! It shall be a busy day today!!!!

It's water in the wine goblet below just in case you were wondering! :-) I shall be sober, I promise. I only drink wine when I am drawing and colouring, not when I am trying to talk about my work to strangers!!!!!

My studio wears many faces, sometimes it is a gallery, sometimes it is a teaching space and sometimes it is a very messy work place. For fun, I have included my studio at its very worst moment ever - lest you think I always work in a pristine, zen like environment! LOL 

The chaos did have a purpose. Two years ago I hauled stuff out of storage closets, added shelves, painted the walls and floor inside one closet and I was also in the middle of some goofy mixed media experiments. My filing cabinet was out in the middle of the room, closet stuff was tossed everywhere and the tables were covered in project stuff. Now I must confess, I am a bit of a neat freak so my studio is normally pretty presentable but still, every now and again it gets to looking a bit like it did on this day... :-) 

my studio at its very messiest

And yes, it has been months since my last post - life has been very busy! I am back blogging now so check back over the next few weeks for lots of updates on what has been going on in the studio and on the farm. And to all of my wonderful American readers, Happy Thanksgiving!


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you are alive!! ;)

OK, yeah the messy photo makes me feel better lol :D

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jennifer Rose, yes alive and very well! :-) Thanks for checking in. I shall have to catch up on all the blogs I have missed reading in recent months. I am sure you have very busy creating! Glad you liked my mess!!! :-)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

good to see you are back :) yeah been making a bit of a mess with printing lol ink everywhere :p

Nora MacPhail said...

Your paintings look fantastic! Beautiful place and wonderful studio that you're obviously using with determination and joy!

Barbara Ann Goodsitt said...

Your studio looks like a nurturing and fun place to create. Best of luck with your studio tour. I love the peas in a pod in the first picture.