Friday, February 10, 2012

more peony petals...

Guess what? I am working on another peony petal piece! Big surprise right? :-)

The above photo obviously shows the piece as a work in progress. It is about 8.5" x 8.5", so not big, but not a mini either and it is cps on Stonehenge paper. I know the square format is somewhat frowned upon but I don't bother too much with convention, if I like the composition then I blaze ahead. Like my other petal pieces, this has an abstract feel to it. I am drawn to the curves and shapes and really I could be drawing anything that had those shapes. It simply happens that peony petals give me this look and fortunately my flower garden has several varieties for me to work from. Well, of course in February in Ottawa Canada, I am working from photo references. It will be four months before the peonies are up and blowing in the breeze. 

Oh dear...I didn't get very far with my cloud piece (on the primed board, mentioned a few posts back). I gave it about five or ten minutes, felt very bored so it now sits on a table, patiently waiting for me to get re-inspired.
I have abandoned a couple of pieces this winter and I like that. I am determined to continue to build a cohesive, consistent body of work and anything that is not turning out to be my best quality I ditch and work that doesn't build my brand is also not worth my time right now. A series of cloud pieces is still a possibility but for now I am looking forward to doing those lovely Granny Smith apples next.

It has been quite mild here this winter but the temperatures are to drop tonight and over the weekend. Time to bring more wood inside for some roaring fires! I like to bake bread on weekends and make hearty stews. Winter days seem suited for such pursuits. I have an old wooden chair I wish to sand and repaint which I hope to start tomorrow and my fireside reading shall be a gardening book. Have a great weekend everyone and stay warm!


Ann said...

Why are square formats frowned upon? Your peony looks gorgeous already! About the cloud piece, was it the materials or the subject that didn't hold your interest? I am still considering trying that primer on a cradled board :-) And yes, it's supposed to turn colder here too. Weekends are also my time for bread and stew making! Hope you enjoy a cozy weekend!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ooh very delicate looking :D never thought the square format was frowned on, sometimes it works really well with a composition

Jeanette said...

I love square formats and rectangular ones, both of which you fill well.

The abstract look of the peony is well suited to the shape and the medium.

Here, winter has been kind. Til the last couple of weeks, when storm after storm hits. Woodstoves and the scent of wood brings some comfort to the cold days.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Ann, thanks and it was the subject that didn't hold my interest. I thought I had found some cloud reference photos that I liked but once I started to work on them, the sky just seemed to be too moody for me. I guess that afternoon I simply wasn't into depicting a darkish, brooding, kind of foreboding sky. It didn't have anything to do with the primer on the board! :-) You have a cozy weekend too!!!

Hi Jennifer Rose, I have come across various art instruction books in which authors try to steer artists away from the square format. I don't see it that often in galleries but when used I find it works. I think it does depend on what is being depicted. And thanks for the 'ooh' part of your comment. :-)

Hey Jeanette, so things have turned stormy? I haven't been following the news. I hope all is well with you and yours. Toronto may have grass and robins but here in Ottawa we are not foolish enough to think that winter is over! I do so love wood fires and I enjoy cooking on our woodstove. It is windy tonight as the temperature drops and it is nice to know that we would be okay if the power were to go out.

Paula Pertile said...

Love the peony so far. Love the square format. Love the clouds. Love fresh baked bread and hearty stews!

Can't wait to see how the peonies turn out. Don't worry about finishing the clouds, because I just happen to be doing clouds too! :~)

Teresa Mallen said...

Thank you Paula. Woo-hoo, so you are doing clouds - I can live vicariously through you! I shall be watching for them.