Wednesday, January 11, 2012

peony petals finished

peony petals, copyright Teresa Mallen, coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper, 8" x 8"

I haven't thought up a name for this one yet but here is my latest peony petals piece, pretty much finished. I will no doubt tweak it here and there before signing my name and scanning it for posting to my website. The contrast isn't as good as it should be in the photo above but once I started fiddling with that then the colours went crazy - you know how it goes, suffice to say it looks brighter in person.

The eleventh day into a new year...I am a gal who loves a fresh start and a new year seems to be the perfect time to wipe the slate clean. Our journals and day planners are bare and I relish the opportunity to embrace a new beginning. 

I must confess that 2011 was a bumpier ride than I would have liked. There were unexpected challenges and loss. Quite honestly I am very ready to see the back end of that year and to welcome a new one.

I have been thinking much in past months about goals and such and the other night I curled up in front of a fire, with my journal and a glass of wine and I got myself sorted. I planned, prioritized, dreamed and dared to visualize a very bright future. As I type, 2012 offers 355 new days, neatly parceled into weeks, months and seasons. Such a delicious chunk of time, of life filled with lush possibilities and gifts I can't even imagine. I am ready. Very ready.

I am not sure what my next new piece shall be but I have some ideas. I hope to get some time later today to sift through my reference photos. In the meantime, I have some volunteer work to attend to. I am on the executive of a group that puts together a twice a year Studio Tour. Today we shall go over last years finances, plan the next tour, jury in new artists, etc. It is always enjoyable to get together with fellow artists and I am looking forward to brainstorming ways to leverage this tour to new heights of success.

Have you planned out your new year yet? Remember to dream big!


Barbara Ann Goodsitt said...

I love the way you blended your colors on this floral piece. If the contrast were better in the photo, I am sure it would be even more impressive.

I wish you a very productive and happy 2012. It seems that 2011 was difficult for a lot of people. Our family and friends had many transitions. Some were very good, some were very bad. However, nothing went smoothly and the year left me exhausted! Lets hang on and enjoy the ride!

Ann said...

I love this and the abstract quality of the petals shapes! Beautiful piece!

I hope your 2012 is a joyous year! 2011 was tough on us too and I am also happy to be starting anew :-)

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Barbara and Ann, thanks for your very kind thoughts regarding this new piece. So I am not the only one to be happy for the gift of a fresh year! :-)

Thanks for stopping by and may 2012 be awesome for us all!!!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very soft looking :D love the colours here even if you say are brighter in person :)

no plans for the year really, just finish college :p

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jennifer Rose, all the best with that finishing college business! You go girl!!! :-)

Kendra said...

Wow! Beautiful piece Teresa. I love the colors, the shapes and intricate patterns. It has a nice abstract quality too. Happy New Year!

Teresa Mallen said...

Well gosh, Kendra thank you for your lovely comments. I like the abstract quality of the drawing too. :-)

Brenda said...

Lovely work Teresa... I could fall happily into your drawing amongst those wonderful colors. I find the flow of your work soothing and takes me to a serene place. It even makes me forget about the cold temps and fresh snow! :)

Teresa Mallen said...

Brenda I am touched by such a lovely comment. Goodness...I must confess that the intent of much of my work is for it to be peaceful, kind of zen, if you know what I mean. Often I am not making big emotional statements but just trying to capture a moment of beauty - in my style of course - giving white flowers a whole lot of colour! LOL Thank you.

Paula Pertile said...

This is beautiful!
(and you don't have to answer me)