Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jonah Day

Jonah on the front lawn

yesterday was Jonah Day

Jonah eating a lily stalk

Jonah is our one year old Saanen wether (wether in goat lingo means he is a castrated fellow). He won't be fully mature for another year or two and right now he is like a young teenager, rather gangly with his long legs, has a good appetite and sometimes he seems to be bored. I had been watching Jonah for a few days as he has seemed a little down. Perhaps it was the extreme heat getting to him or perhaps he was ill in some way. I wondered. Perhaps Jonah was feeling neglected. Up until this spring, Jonah has been the baby of the herd. But now there are kids getting lots of attention and I think this was bothering Jonah a bit. So yesterday morning as I scratched Jonah's forehead, I declared the day Jonah Day.

We had a lot of fun pampering and spoiling Joe-Joe (his nickname). He seemed bemused at first, especially when he got let out of the field for a walk around the lawn. He got to graze some forbidden goodies and he got to explore places he has only gazed at from afar. As the hours went by, he got lots of extra hugs, cuddles, scratches and treats. By the end of the day he was certain he was King of the herd! Of course our herd Queen was quick to dissuade him of that notion. Poor Joe lives with bossy dominant females!
two Alpines and Jonah's mom

momma Rainah (herd Queen), her family, Jonah's little brother (can just see his legs) and Jonah

All the goats were spoiled yesterday...well they are everyday. Here they are enjoying some Virginia Creeper that my husband cut and draped on their fence.


It was quite a bit of fun lavishing all of this abundance upon Jonah. Watching his reaction, it was if his self esteem took a great boost. Such a simple thing to do really, all that was needed was that we pay him extra attention.

This day got me thinking, what if we started a Jonah Day type of movement? What if everyone looked around them to see someone (human or animal) that could use a bit of special treatment? Maybe a parent, a neighbour, a spouse...why not? Pick someone and then treat them like the blessing that they are in your life. Bake a favourite snack, watch a movie together, go for a walk, have a heart to heart conversation, laugh, dance, give flowers, share a coffee or a glass of wine, go overboard - for an entire day! Wouldn't our relationships flourish? Isn't savouring our loved ones what life is all about? Everyone deserves to have their own day. Don't wait for a birthday.

So go ahead, pick someone and declare it 'their day'. And don't forget to give yourself a special day too. There is an art exhibit at the National Gallery that I want to see in August and you can bet it is soon going to be Teresa Day! :-) 


Jennifer Rose said...

animals can get depressed just like people, so this is a great idea :) lol it looks like he is smoking in that second pic :p

Teresa Mallen said...

Re: the second pic, I so agree, when I saw it uploaded onto my screen I immediately thought of Humphrey Bogart. Jonah just needs a Bogart style suit coat or perhaps a brocade smoking jacket and he is all set! :-) He is fine today and I have been making sure he gets as much attention as the kids.

Kendra said...

I like the expressions on his face. Jonah definitely has personality. Such a nice bright-white coat too!

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Kendra, yes the goats have quite a bit of 'personality' and they are definitely their own unique selves. All Saanen's (purebred anyway) have pure white coats, no markings of any kind. The bred originates from Switzerland. I don't know how they stay so white - whenever I don a newly washed white shirt it seems I immediately get something on it! :-)

Teresa Mallen said...

oops, above should read 'breed'not bred - you knew that but I must correct it anyway. LOL