Monday, July 27, 2009

finished pears and work interrupted

'Simply Pears', 7.5" x 10.5", Coloured Pencil on Colourfix Paper
Copyright Teresa Mallen

Here is a picture of the finished pears. This was a fun, undemanding piece (with the exception of the previously mentioned background experiment).

You may have noticed the dates posted for the pears. While coloured pencil has a reputation for being a slow medium, it really isn't this slow! :-) July has had some unexpected events and it hasn't been the productive month I had hoped. I look forward to July and August. I normally end my teaching gigs by the end of June and I usually anticipate catching up on my to-do list over the eight weeks of summer. This summer has the added responsibility of getting the farm where my parents lived ready to be sold. But, there have been other hiccups along the way.

The province of Ontario is currently switching all of the land titles and deeds from one type of registry to an automated one. We found out this month that a lakefront property that my sister and I inherited did not make the transfer. Our deed got flagged as missing a severance stamp and we now had a Planning Act Violation and an invalid deed. Kind of reminds me of my painting getting held up at customs! After much angst and two law firms working on our behalf we have discovered that the original severance and issuing of a deed was in fact done properly by our parents but we still have to have a lawyer argue our case. This has been an unexpected drain on my time this month.

In addition, my 16 year old car is suddenly having some issues and it has become clear that the time has come to replace it. So I have begrudgingly spent many hours in the past two weeks test driving cars, reading consumer reports, etc. I don't like to shop, I am a frugal gal who doesn't like to spend money and I like buying cars even less. Grrrr....

So now it is the last week of July and things are looking up. The legal issue is now being dealt with by a lawyer. I am close to making a car decision. Most importantly, I am packing to go to Atlanta this week to attend the Colored Pencil Society of America's Convention. Woo-hoo!

Wildlife update: I have been asked if the deer I mentioned a few weeks ago is still around. Yes she is.

We also have another doe and her twin fawns making appearances. My husband has seen a small black bear twice in the past week. She probably wants my raspberries! The rabbits have taken over the back yard. This is a fenced piece of land so they are safe from coyotes and foxes. Some lilies in my front garden were eaten by the deer and the lilies in the vase below were chewed off of their stems by a rabbit. I guess they weren't tasty. I am not sure if Beatrix Potter would approve but I am starting to sympathize with Mr. McGregor in the Tale of Peter Rabbit.

Actually, if truth be told, I am delighted to have wildlife problems. I love living amongst these animals. I feel truly blessed to see them and it is worth raspberries and chewed lilies. :-)

As I mentioned I shall be away this week attending workshops and meetings at the CPSA convention. No doubt I shall be having a wee bit of fun too. I hope I can find a lampshade to fit my head! LOL Perhaps there shall be some pics in the next post. Of course I shall edit out the incriminating ones!

So how is your summer going? Are things turning out the way you planned and hoped?


Jennifer Rose said...

my favourite kind of lilies :D love their colour

your pears look good, nice lighting to them and the pear colours go well with the colours in the background :)

have fun at the CPSA :D

Marsha Robinett said...

Like you my summer has been filled with various stress and time stealers! I thought as we got older and the children left the nest that life was supposed to slow know those 'golden years' I always heard about.

I'm glad to see you have still found time for your art. I find it a good way to ease the stress of life. Thanks for sharing. Good luck on the car. I will be looking forward to an update on your purchase.

Lynda Schumacher said...

Theresa - I'm sure with all those hotel and conference rooms around, a lampshade could be found to fit perfectly! Are you staying at the Marriott? I am ramped up to finish all my last minute details today. Will look for you!

Laure Ferlita said...

Gorgeous pears! Despite all they've turned out well!

As to life . . . well, it can and does get tedious sometimes. Very daily.

As to your wildlife - lucky girl!!

As to lampshades, hmmm, sounds like trouble is brewing in Atlanta! Do have a wonderful time!

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Jennifer Rose, yes I love these lilies too. I am glad that the bunnies didn't dine on the blossoms. They are wonderful to have in the house as their smell is divine. I should also give kuddos to my husband who actually went to a garden center and came home with this plant as a surprise gift! Yup, I know, wow!! :-)

Well hi Marsha, thanks for stopping by. Yes art is a great way to ease stress. In fact all I have to do is walk into my studio and I feel better! :-)

Hi Lynda, yes I am at the Marriott. I look forward to meeting you in person and ummm....just look for the gal with the lampshade on her head! :-)

Hi Laure, you see I don't get out much so... :-) After reading my blog post last night my husband joked that he is preparing himself for a phone call from the Atlanta Police Department. But seriously, how much trouble can a bunch of coloured pencil loving women get into? Not much right?

Ann said...

My summer is going by way too fast.
Your pears are luminous!
Good luck with your car purchase and have fun at the CPSA!

Valerie Jones said...


The pears turned out really nice! Enjoy your trip to Atlanta! I wish I was attending this year.

I like the picture of the lilies. Are you going to draw them?

Teresa Mallen said...

Thanks Ann! Summers always seem to fly by don't they?

Hi Valerie, I wish you were going this year too! I have done lilies in the past and yes I shall do lilies again. I have some lovely yellow lilies, dark red ones too as well as some dotted orange ones that are just opening that look like future subject material. This might be something to work on in six months when deep snow covers the garden!

Paula Pertile said...

The pears are lovely!
Sorry about the deed, and the car shopping. Both things right up there with major dental work on my 'no fun' list. :~)
Hope you find a nice lampshade, and we will be expecting good pictures!!

(My summer is just HOT, by the way.)

Paulette said...

The pairs look great!
What a crazy time you have been having!
Fuchsia pink would be a lovely colour on you, the lamp shade of course! Hope you have a grand time!

Kelley said...

I like the way you did the highlights on the pears!

Awwww, I wish I had a backyard full of rabbits. They must be so much fun to watch!

Gary Keimig said...

nice job on the pears. Loved your deer posts. I too have a couple of Mule Deer fawns around as I seem to have every year. They are a joy to watch. I did catch a quick glimpse of a Black Bear the other morning north of town but he was in a big hurry and I couldn't even lift up my camera for a picture. Have seen a lot of Grizzly sign everywhere I go but have yet to run across one. When I do I want it to be on my terms rather than his.
Anyway I sure like what you are doing.
God bless and keep up the great work

CountryDreaming said...

Wow ... I can sure relate to your summer. Hopefully things will reach a point where the two of us can happily return to blogging and creating rather than putting out fires and/or even having "adventures that make us late for supper" as the Hobbits in the Shire of Middle Earth would say. Hope all turns out well for you regarding the deed and the car and all! Will enjoy looking at your pears while looking forward to more of your news in the art world. :-)

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Paula, so your summer is HOT! Oh dear, you don't like HOT do you? My sympathies.

Hi Paulette! Sorry no fuchsia lampshades in this oh so modern hotel!!

Kelley - goodness be careful what you wish for! LOL Yes, they are fun to see.

Gary, thank you for your lovely comment and for taking the time write it. I appreciate it. When it comes to all of the wildlife around here, they don't like to wait for me to lift my camera either!

CountryDreaming - Well hi there! I wondered what had happened to you these past months. Seems like 'life' is happening to you. Hang in there!!!