Thursday, April 9, 2009

e-newsletter for coloured pencil enthusiasts

'Penny For Your Thoughts' by Cheryl Poulin
Mixed Media Collage with Coloured Pencil, 16" x 20"
Copyright Cheryl Poulin

Well woo-hoo, the April issue of my Coloured Pencil e-Newsletter is ready to read.

Don't miss the fantastic mixed media art of featured artist Cheryl Poulin. Coloured pencils are great for highly realistic drawings and so much more. Cheryl's work is proof of this.

For those of you who have been patiently waiting for me to offer my 'Beyond the Basics' class, don't miss the announcement regarding the new dates. I have also added a new session of my Coloured Pencil Basics course. It starts in just over two weeks so don't delay your registration!

Don't miss the reminder of the on-line show that will take place later in the year. If you are a Newsletter Group Member, do you have something you would like to submit? If not, you have lots of time to put pencils to paper!

To read the newsletter, click here.

If you know of someone who would like to read all sorts of interesting info on coloured pencils, please let them know about this e-newsletter. Each issue has a featured artist, a Q & A section, blogs and websites to check out and other good stuff. Subscription is free! So why not email me today and sign up to be a member? I will never share my database and I do not use this list to send out any other mail. All you receive is an email notifying you that a new issue of the newsletter is ready to read. If you have slower internet service, I do not actually email the newsletter, only the notice and a link. Therefore you do not have to worry about the downloading of your email getting bogged down.

You can email me by clicking here. Your comments and feedback on the newsletter are quite welcome.

Enjoy the newsletter and Happy Easter!


Laure Ferlita said...

Lovely work by your featured artist and I love the opening image of your tulip!

Thanks for the well wishes, and Happy Easter to you as well!

Anonymous said...

Excellent Newsletter Teresa....Love Cheryls work really different and unique.....look forward to reading the next one.

Deborah Ross said...

Wow, Teresa, you have a really big, gorgeous studio! You are so lucky. I try to contain all of my stuff in a 10x12 area.
Now I'm going to check out your newsletter.

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Laure. I am glad you liked Cheryl's work and my tulip!

Hi Vic. Isn't it fun to see what others are up to with their cps?

Hi Deb. Yes I am very fortunate to have such a wonderful studio. You must be scrolling down through some older posts! :-) I hope you enjoyed the newsletter!