Thursday, January 22, 2009

coloured pencil chard continues...

Swiss Chard work in progress, 17" x 7"
Coloured Pencil on Colorfix Paper
Copyright Teresa Mallen

Here is how the chard piece looks now. I am having a great time working on it. At this stage, most of what I am doing is drawing in the detail, making sure I get all the bits and pieces in where they are supposed to go. I love doing detailed drawing work and I must say doing all the veins is very satisfying!

After sticking with my Colorsoft pencils in this piece, I am starting to appreciate them more. I am getting used to their thicker diameter (I know, picky picky) and as I mentioned before, I do like how they don't flake off much (as this is a sanded surface). Most of the paper has now been covered by pigment. The subsequent layers are going on with less flaking because the grit of the paper has been reduced somewhat by the initial colour. So even the Prismacolors are holding their own. I do find that the pencils in the Lightfast line are a little 'dryer' than the Premier line and this is an advantage on a sanded surface.

Besides working on the chard, I have been busy doing January things - you know, the stuff we feel compelled to do because it is the beginning of a new year, a fresh start and all that. So, I have been tidying up my accounts for 2008. My income and expenses are all up to date! I have been sorting my email into files and I have also sorted 250 photo references into their files. Now I am filing the papers that have accumulated on my desk and after that I am determined to sort my computer files. I bought a new computer some months ago and of course I now have files on it. My old computer was probably over 10 years old and it had limited functionality. I ended up using my husband's computer for manipulating images, preparing course exercises, etc. I really do need to take a chunk of time to compile the files that were on my husband's computer, the files that were all over the place on my old computer and now my new files. I have been procrastinating this job but now I am looking forward to it. It feels so good to get the stuff sorted that I have already tackled that I am motivated by how great it will feel to finally have the computer filing behind me. Guess what I am doing this weekend? :-)


Ann said...

It's really fun watching this come along. Doesn't feel great to have all those computer files in order? Now if I could only keep my house as tidy :)

Christine said...

Beautiful work Teresa! I am impressed with the details you put in and the size of this piece.
Have fun this weekend! ;-))

Teresa said...

The most artistic leaf of chard I've ever seen! :-)

Valerie Jones said...

This is looking great!!!

Teresa Mallen said...

Hi Ann, Yikes...I don't have the computer files in order yet!! It is Friday night and I am checking out blogs instead of filing...oops!

Yes, Christine, ha ha, I shall have oodles of fun sorting those nasty files. Glad you like the chard! :-)

Humm Teresa, by 'artistic' did you mean strange? Just kidding. My chunk of chard is definitely becoming a bit funky!...Perhaps it is too late to be realistic!?! :-)

Thank you Valerie!

Anonymous said...

Your Chard is coming along a treat...glad you are getting on ok with the Coloursofts, they are nice pencils to work with !

Jeanette said...

I love the colours in this. You were indeed inspired when you decided on this as a subject.

Detail work is lovely to do isn't it? Well, mostly anyway... :) its a bit like putting a puzzle together piece by piece.

I need to sort files too. One day.