Wednesday, December 2, 2015

December already?

our meadow a month ago, the leaves have fallen now...sigh...

While we are enjoying a very mild late autumn, the leaves had to fall. I miss the glorious colour. The crazy harvest season is over (I store up a lot of our garden produce for the winter) and I am getting more hours in the studio now. 

I have been getting lots of inquiries about classes so I thought I would give an update here. I am not offering classes this winter. Seriously folks, it gets darn near impossible to schedule dates when people get busy with their holiday events and right after that, they are planning their winter get-aways. The people who stay in Ottawa for the winter often worry about missing classes due to bad weather...on and on it goes.

So I shall be working full time in my studio over the coming months working on a new series of botanicals.

AND if you are wondering about my newsletters, I am not publishing anything at the moment. I will write more about that later but for now, I am simply colouring. :-)

Hope everyone reading this is well! Thanks for stopping by.


Jennifer Rose said...

lovely looking meadow :)

nice to see a blog post from you :)

Teresa Mallen said...

Thank you!!!!! I had to post something, that picture of my garden in the summer was getting weird. It is December after all. LOL Time to see what you have been up to. Hope you are well!